Friday, October 5, 2012

The Spoken Words of Spirit--October 6, 2012

This message came to me from a male spirit, and is not what normally comes through.  It is a “remembrance” of his view of his family life; one that may not be all that different than many of yours.  It was shown to me through the eyes of a child and “morphed” as he grew older.

I noticed as a little boy that there were always some sneering and nasty glares from my mother and her sister.  They appeared friendly and loving to me, so I took it that they were just making faces at each other.  It seemed to be the only logical explanation.  My mother made a lot of those faces to other people too, especially when they weren’t looking or she thought I was looking at her.  It made me giggle because she looked so silly to me and was always trying to hide them. 

My mother’s contorted faces began to stay longer as I grew older, and she would scream and yell about my aunt in the car on the way home.  It was confusing since my aunt was nothing but nice to me and my Mom wasn’t.  Over the years, the rage was out of control and directed at almost each one in the family.  She caused arguments and fights amongst everyone; even between people who had no problem with each other because she would state believable lies.  The tension in our household was something that was shameful to me. 

As I grew from toddler to teen, the relentless screaming, hitting and belittling statements made me more and more reclusive.  Hiding in my room was commonplace.  Waiting for my timid father to come home had been my salvation when I was very young, but as I got older, I grew to resent his weakness more and more.  My only sister moved out when she was seventeen.  Actually, I came to learn in later years that she was kicked out, as she had dared to stand up to my mother during one of the many beatings she endured.  Sadly, she turned to drugs and was found dead in a city park in the cold of the winter only a few months after she disappeared out of my life.  She tried many times to protect my innocence from the violence I endured and ultimately died because of that—at least that’s what I believed long into my adulthood.  During her absence, my father had the courage to also leave the marriage, but not the love for me to take me with him.

It would seem like my life was destined to be one of abject failure.  Instead, I was fortunate that around fourteen or fifteen years of age, while walking home from school in what was close to a monsoon, one of the students in my class pointed to me from the car he was in with his father.  His Dad pulled over and insisted I get in.  I was already drenched and my books and supplies were equally water logged.  As I protested, knowing that I would become a victim of the usual rage awaiting me for getting into a car with a “stranger,” this kind man would have none of it.  It may have been the first time that I felt important in my life.

It was also the greatest turning point someone could ever have.  Not only did this man pick me up, but his son had been telling him about me for quite some time.  On that particular day, my meager prayers were answered.  It was only a few days earlier when I found a copy of an article about God slipped into my locker.  It wasn’t written in a way that made me feel like it was coming from someone who was looking to convert me to some cult or a specific way of believing in God.  Instead, it was written in a manner that told me that if I truly believed and asked for help that it would come because all of us are in control of our futures.  As much as we may feel trapped by our circumstances, there will be a path opened up to us to lead us to hope, encouragement and inspiration for a better day.

This gentleman not only drove me home, but he took me in to see what my living conditions were like and was surprised to see the home look immaculate.  It did not match up with the stories he heard.  My mother did her usual smiley routine; charming as could be.  He stayed with us a few minutes and waited until the rain subsided when he said his goodbye to us.  After a couple of minutes, my mother flipped into her rage and was cursing at me, throwing things at me and threatening my life.  I pleaded with her to stop, but she said she could not deal with me any longer and that my disobedience my entire life had become too much for her. 

I remember very little after that.  It was the sound of a gunshot, screams and inhuman noises.  What was unknown to me was that the man who drove me home left the window open and the door unlocked that he made my mother think was locked tight.  He had dashed in when she lunged at me with a large knife and wounded her.  He revealed to me that he was a sheriff and a minister.  He and his wife took me in the rest of my teen years and treated me like I was one of their own children.  My mother was sent to an insane asylum. 

As the passage of time continued, I became entrenched in the belief that we do have angels with us.  Mine happened to be in a physical body that day.  The rest of my life was lived inspiring everyone I could to empower themselves.  Living in a way that was filled with love made up for everything I endured and witnessed as a child.  I found out that the power that I had yearned to have was within me all the time.  It is within you too!  These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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Mary said...

"The rest of my life was lived inspiring everyone I could to empower themselves. Living in a way that was filled with love made up for everything I endured and witnessed as a child. I found out that the power that I had yearned to have was within me all the time. It is within you too! "

The power of Gods love shines through this story........ Very heartwarming.

God Bless you, Jim Our Angel :-)**
Have a lovely week end

Jim Fargiano said...

I thought this was one of the most interesting things I've channeled in quite a long time. Hope you had a great weekend, Mary.