Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Spoken Words of Spirit--January 28, 2013

Freedom is what the soul is all about. Freedom is the gift given to the soul from God. It is clearly something that should not be taken for granted, nor should it be abused through a feeling of power over all things. We say this because it is imperative that freedom not be confused with something that resembles life without boundaries. All souls have the right to be protected and nurtured from conception to death. This is because life is cherished by God and Spirit. Do you cherish yours or do you simply want to get through it? Are you someone who thinks that rules are limiting, or do you understand that sometimes they are rightly needed in order to keep yourself and the rest of the world safe?

We choose to talk about this today so that you will understand the importance that your everyday actions make. Today, you will be given another chance to set an example of the proper way to show others that they can enjoy life. There are times when some people become involuntarily agreeable to the wrong attitudes. It is similar to an animal that only knows that a reward comes when they suffer. Why has this message swung to this direction? It is because one of the prime factors in having a free soul is to understand the challenges that other people may have because they lack the desire or trust in living a life filled with spiritual blessings. You can be the teacher of the gift of freedom. At times, it may come from a direct sharing of your own joyful soul. Other times, it may come from simply stepping back from your own emotions so that you can be less judgmental because you are not understood. All of this is part of the lessons and journey of the soul.  

We ask that you do not sit quietly any long while people in positions of leadership and power let their egos run rampant and try to control, manipulate and distort the proper way to live.  No one can afford to remain mum when intentional harm and desecration is taking place to the Creation; to what was intended to be God's perfect place.  Be discerning and cognizant of the actual actions of these people because their words will twist what they have in mind.

This is your chance to make this new dawn to dusk a better today. Act on the loving opportunities that have been presented to you. Create a union of love between people and also between yourself and those on the High Side. Feel and acknowledge the blessings that are already with you. It is helpful to focus on the pleasantries that exist for you, rather than be concerned with what you think you still want. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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Mary said...

This is your chance to make this new dawn to dusk a better today.

Feel and acknowledge the blessings that are already with you.

Great message.

Thank you Jim Our Angel :-)**

God Bless.

I am fine Jim, will soon be seeing you. We are bringing hubby and grandson Michael.