Monday, August 12, 2013

The Spoken Words of Spirit--August 12, 2013

There are a host of ways that you can improve.  While this always sounds simple, many people want to dismiss the obvious as soon as any type of interference takes place on their path towards what they would like.  If you feel as though you have been knocked down, you have not fallen.  What you have done is found one avenue not to venture down on your way up and to a better reference point!  Never be afraid to explore the power of your mind and what it can do when all you have to do is focus on the gifts of inner intelligence.

Never let fear be the anchor that prevents you from stepping beyond the boundaries that may make you feel confined.  Being in a state of worry and concern about failure will only serve as a lightning rod for similar results to what you have gone through and will continue to go through if you stay on that path.  When you release the immediate urge to be afraid to attempt something new, what you will find is a world that opens up to you.  Your confidence gains with each new effort and attempt to move yourself to a new and higher plateau.  Success will find you!

If you want it to happen more quickly, combine your loss of fear with an increase in logic, commonsense and the inclusion of a strong and undying trust in your angels and those good beings in the realm of Spirit.  Yes, the physical and spiritual world are intertwined in truly inseparable ways.  The energy of positive influences reverberates in unimaginable ways.  Allow for this to engage you by binding yourself with the aforementioned realm of love and light.

The only thing that slows your progress down are the human factors of fear, negativity and intolerance.  Evil actions are never a part of the God aspects, but only perpetrated by the minds and actions of man and woman.  Never attach yourself to them!  Be an icon of achievement and feel bold enough to blaze a trail of confidence in everything you do!  These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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Mary said...

Be an icon of achievement and feel bold enough to blaze a trail of confidence in everything you do!

Love this part of your message, because I finally have found you on my new computer. Windows 8 has me so confused. So I have achieved hahah
Hope you're fine Jim same as we all are here. The new baby is growing and has a mind of her own already. Take care :-)**

Jim Fargiano said...

I'm glad the baby is doing well. I expect that the rest of the crew is too. Glad to see you zipping around the new software!