Monday, February 15, 2010

The Spoken Words of Spirit--February 16, 2010

Peaceful waves of energy, love and Light are sent to you. It is the gift that Spirit wants you to have. By acknowledging your inner perfection, it is clear that the Higher Powers are more aware of your potential then you are yourselves. All of your guides, teachers and angels feel blessed to have you under their care. Your sons and daughters, mothers and fathers, and all of those whose physical lives transitioned back to the Golden Light, are dousing you with comfort and encouragement. Allow the comfort of that thought to reverberate within!

You deserve to transform yourself from, “I wonder if…” into that of someone who says, “I can and will conquer my fears!” This is possible because of the help you get from everyone on the side of Light; be it family or the Ascended Masters. Try to walk in the sandals of Jesus; not to think you need to become him, but to get the feeling that when you trust the depth of love that is floating all around you that life just becomes easier. It is part and parcel of the divine way of thinking that we are trying to have all people undertake. You have the power to imprison the negative thoughts and release the enthusiasm that accompanies all of the positive ones. What a gift! The truth is that your spiritual guardians feel as though they have been given a present when you honor them by only doing what you can to import and export the gentle vibes of living under the code of the Golden Rule.

You need to ask yourself exactly what you want to have happen in your life. Is it to truly embrace love’s embrace? What about to become wealthy? Healthy? Do you want to work as a missionary or volunteer someplace? These are all viable possibilities, as are the ability to travel and explore, educate yourself in new areas, but most importantly, you have the capability to be a gifted healer by restating and living in a way that reflects the energy and balance that Spirit is always urging you to have. We could go on forever. Ultimately, it comes down to you taking action and responsibility towards the things you want and need. You are the purveyor of excitement and uplifting aspects of yourself. Spirit may repeat things to you often. Some might even think we are riding you, but what better jockey can you ask for then to have an angel on your back? Simplify your future by administering the promise we know is within, but also take time to nourish yourself with a little love. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
February 17, 2010

Guest Appearance on radio’s Whispers From Spirit from 9:00-10:00pm EST
Tuesday, April 6, 2010, 7 - 9pm

An evening with Jim Fargiano and The Spoken Words of Spirit

A talk will be given on how Spirit and our loved ones interact and influence our lives on a daily basis. Conversation will touch on how his book, The Spoken Words of Spirit, was created. In addition, he will explain how Escaping Boundaries, the subliminal, relaxation, healing and meditation CD was co-created with Jessie Haynes, a very gifted singer/songwriter. Jim will answer general questions from the audience, and as long as time allows, he will be giving spot readings to whoever those on the other side lead him to.

Crowne Plaza Hotel
1730 North Ocean Avenue
Holtsville, NY 11742
Escaping Boundaries, the subliminal relaxation, healing and empowerment meditation CD that I created with Jessie Haynes, a spiritually gifted singer/songwriter, was officially released is now available online through I-Tunes, Napster, etc. Please check out the website at Also, don’t forget our popular LG tee shirts. We have sizes from small to 3X that can be purchased in my office or on my website.

If you want to view other short quotes from Spirit, you can send a “friend request” to me on FaceBook. There is a fan page for the book too. I’ll be leaving different quotes on each page.

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Diane said...

"Spirit may repeat things to you often. Some might even think we are riding you, but what better jockey can you ask for then to have an angel on your back?" I love this, it's so cute! Probably not how you want me to describe these words but that's exactly what I thought when I read it! Yes, Spirit does repeat things over and over again, until we humans get it! Beautiful message today Jim...thank you so much!

Mary said...

Peaceful waves of energy, love and Light . With my angel on my back. I shall absorb all these beautiful words once again.
Thank you Jim. God Bless. :-)*

( I get your blog okay no problems.

Jim Fargiano said...

Thanks Diane and Mary. The new post was incredible to see from a visual perspective.