Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Spoken Words of Spirit--April 29, 2010

We lift you up to the heavens! Where life in the esoteric realm is infinitely joyful, filled with an immense love and expectations for your highest good, it awaits your time and attention. This does not mean that we desire you to join life in the Golden Light, but to engage the tools you have to communicate with all of your loved ones who have moved ahead of you. Through a quiet mind, the whispers of your angels can be heard. You need to try less and embrace the symbols, aromas and nature more.

As you allow your soul to grow, many of the nuances of life will take on a more spiritual or spirit-driven meaning. It will enable you to feel closer to God, but also closer to the personal “angels” that visit you. There truly is a very thin divide between the physical world and that of Spirit’s. When energy is involved, it becomes more important than ever for you to mentally pull back from all the physical thoughts and concepts of what you think you have experienced. You need to pull back from all the, “I didn’t really see that” type of thoughts. Well-meaning people have dented your views of how simple it is to associate with life in the Light. It dissuades you from honestly acknowledging that all people, including you, are merely spiritual beings borrowing a material body.

When someone in your family or one of your friends passes back to the side of bliss, it is difficult for you to move forward. However, it is made much easier when you start trusting the fact that they never truly leave you altogether. For any of you who have had loving relations with someone who has transitioned, you will find that they will almost always be trying to find ways to communicate with you. It could be as simple as contact through a dream; or perhaps showing you the flight of a hummingbird. They might even try to get a flower to bloom where none were planted. The symbols of their love are endless, as are all of us in spirit. We can only hope our thoughts have made you feel a little better and a little bit more secure. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.


Liz said...

I appreciate Spirit's encouragement to connect with our loved ones who have passed. After reading this blog I am more aware that I should not only "quiet my mind" a little more but also open my eyes and be more cognizant of the signs from my loved ones that I am sure are being tirelessly laid out before me. Many thanks...OX

Jim said...

This was one of the most beautiful and inspiring messages that I have read in quite some time. Thanks, Jim, for all you do.

Diane said...

"Through a quiet mind, the whispers of your angels can be heard." Truly beautiful message tonight Jim. Thank you so much.

Mary said...

Through a quiet mind, the whispers of your angels can be heard.
This is very true!!

This whole message is very beautiful and peaceful.

Thank you Jim, :-)**
God Bless

Jim Fargiano said...

I just want to thank all of you for the nice feedback. This week, it was reinforced to me that when you work with Spirit you really don't get a complete vacation from them. Hope everyone has been doing well.