Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Spoken Words of Spirit--December 2, 2010

Have you ever taken the time to reflect on yourself? Every so often, it is a prudent exercise to do as long as you do it with complete honesty. Do you live, breathe and speak the truth in all that you do? Is everything you say done so without the need for you to backtrack on your words in the future? Do you ever find yourself trying to revisit your conversations with people and have the need to parse your original comments? Have you assessed your own happiness in all facets of your existence? You do deserve to have a peaceful soul.

If you answered any of those questions in a way that runs counterproductive to all of the spiritual principles we are always espousing, then you have some work to do! If you find it easier to blame someone else for uncomfortable decisions or actions that you made, that is also something that needs to be adjusted. All people are born with honesty and integrity as part of the rights to your souls. It becomes your responsibility to live that way as you mature through life. Certainly, when you live in the ways that we are always recommending, there is never a need to back peddle from anything you have ever said or done. Basically, you will be living in a state of perfection that the empowering souls and loved ones in the Light are always living.

Again, this is not meant to panic any of you who have made mistakes. You are part of a very forgiving universe. The Creator will use your missteps as a teaching tool, both in the physical and when your soul returns. Yes, you will have to make amends for your actions. Words can leave scars just as easily as weapons. Make sure you hold your tongues if you have something improper to say, especially if it about a fellow human being. Apologies often mend many situations, but some things can seem irreparable. Fortunately, you are living in the bosom of angels; where mistakes are not viewed as being as scalding as those in the physical realm. Forgiveness is always in the hearts of all, but trust takes longer to regain. That said to you, why not just live in a way that never has you second-guessing any of your intent? From this day forward, make an effort to be guided by the importance of living in truth, even if that means you have to come clean with your own emotions. The effects in the long-term will joust you into a life of love and unbridled success! These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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Jim said...

There is alot here to reflect upon. I have read that it is not so much the speed of our progress as much as it is that we are moving forward.

Jeni said...

The Spoken Words of Spirit are so right & you are right that this is not done overnight... I myself have had to overcome, forgive and endure pain from not only my struggles, but loved ones too. It was and is not easy but it is possible! One step, one day, one hour at a time. Always believe and have faith. With faith there is Hope!
Here's a start to the "secret to my happiness":
(the entirety is on my blog)
THE SECRET TO MY HAPPINESS: It happened when I gave my will over to God. I was tired of doing it my way. He taught me: To Forgive myself and my past wrong doings. They were past – not present, as long as I left them there.

Sorry so long... This post brought a lot to surface :)!
Thank you for allowing me to remember!
You are a gift Jim,

Diane said...

What a wonderful message!"Do you live, breathe and speak the truth in all that you do?" I know that I am doing my best to live exactly this way because there is no other way to live.

"Forgiveness is always in the hearts of all, but trust takes longer to regain." Excellent...

Thank you Jim. I need to read this a few more times.

Jim Fargiano said...

Jeni, your line was pretty perfect for Jim, who posted above you. "With faith there is Hope!"

Jim, I might have changed it to, "With Hope there is faith." I say this because I felt your daughter's presence while reading both of your comments.

Diane, you are doing marvelous. I wish I knew how to type a Jamaican accent, because that's the way "marvelous" was given to me for you.

Diane said...

Thank you Jim!

Kevin said...

I have just discovered your site and am so glad. It is filled with wisdom that I need to be reminded of. Thank you for reminding me that living in the light of truth is worth every ounce of effort..I supposed until it becomes effortless. I appreciate the spoken and written words of the spirit.