Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Spoken Words of Spirit--December 9, 2010

A shift is going on in the world. During this time of transition, where many negative-minded people are trying to run over the power of all things that are good, you can make a difference. We caution you to be aware of those who claim freedom for all, but in reality are looking to undermine the Creator’s plan for all people to be individually in charge of their own existence. Obviously, all people need help at some stages of life. What we--Spirit--are referring to is that there are too many orators and so-called leaders who are blustering without the backing of spiritual principles.

This is where you come in. The earth energy needs to be reset. Prayers need to be harmonizing and linked together with other positive, powerful, like-minded thinkers. The grasp of love will overtake the actions of evil. It always does. Your personal job is to live life in a state of prayerful awareness. In other words, constant thoughts coming from you that stress the importance of living consciously and subconsciously in the arms of the Golden Rule will ultimately make the surface of the planet more peacefully unified. Living this way is not difficult if you abide by the many lessons and instruments that come to you from your loved ones in the Light. You are ambassadors of love!

As you act in ways that proliferate the good qualities innately given to you upon your entrance into the physical world, then what follows is a resurgence of other people doing the same thing. Let us create a wave of stability; of honoring the values and symphonic gift from the Creator Himself. Let us work together to insure that the citizens of the earth plane will not fall into deeper divides. Be cautious of all things that can disrupt overall happiness. Be conscious of the fact that monetary abundance can destroy lives through misuse. It is not that money is evil as many people think, but trying to equalize everybody into an android way of life goes directly against Godly principles. Live your life under the banner of faith, hope, charity and trust. If done consistently, all people will benefit by being helped up and taught how to promote their own abilities to improve. You are all capable of achieving and receiving greatness. It is up to you in the way it happens. Show the world you are resistant to the demands of wrongful thinkers, but magnetized towards the power of angelic aspects of life. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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Jeni said...

I'm not sure I quite understand this message..... Negative minded leader who claims freedom from all - who doesn't have a faith behind them... Sounds like a president. Hmmmm... Sadly, I have very little faith in our government if that is somewhere in the message. They are humans caught in their world of material, greed, power....

Regardless, I am living the Golden rule and believe strongly in my faith! I love MY world spiritually! That makes me rich!
Thank you for sharing And thank you for always listening!
Loving life as our creator has given us!

Diane said...

Beautiful message and a very tall order! I believe, however, that we can all make this happen..."This is where you come in. The earth energy needs to be reset." We can all think good thoughts and pray that truth reigns.

"The grasp of love will overtake the actions of evil. It always does." Yes, and I have seen that happen.

Thank you Jim,for this amazing message!

Jim Fargiano said...

Thank you!