Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Spoken Words of Spirit--November 23, 2011

People spend so much time worrying about how much life they have left, yet rarely do we see them question how much life they put into their existence. Are you doing your best to leave an affirmative, happy and wonderful legacy, or simply plodding through your days as I f they do not matter? The substance of your attitude is what begins the process of living in joy, peace, harmony and success.

Each day is separate from the last one. That means that no matter what may have gone wrong before, the day following it enables you to kick free of the negative residue of yesterday. You are in control of your destiny; of the journey that you want to be comfortable with. Nobody but you can slice the road to what makes you feel complete. To give that power to someone else is to give the universe a message that you do not feel like you are worthy of being the hardy receiver of life that the Creator wants all people to be.

There will never be a shortage of opportunities for you to seek out and create enjoyment. It can be found in parks, the beach, your neighborhood; with friends, family or even in meeting new people. It can happen at work, a music concert, sports outing, or perhaps from reading a young child a storybook. The order in which you approach everything has more to do with the assessment of what is valuable to you. If you do not make yourself noteworthy on many levels, then how can you expect to have the vibrancy you are seeking reach you?

Many times, the advice from Spirit is meant only to encourage all people to apply their God-given gifts to improve themselves. This requires you to immediately halt your pattern of negative thinking which happens verbally, in your mind and through your body language. As you realize how much of your effort and energy is spent focusing on lack, sadness and a general “woe is me” approach to everything, then you will find it easier to disengage from it. When you do this, the empowerment that you are seeking in order to fully live your life becomes intense and worth every second of work you do on changing for the better. Make the adjustments necessary so that you can be in love with life! These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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