Friday, January 20, 2012

The Spoken Words of Spirit--January 21, 2012

Are you someone who seems to always skirt around trouble, or do you find yourself a magnet for it? Some people do not realize that it is simply the way they project their thoughts that actually invite or reject problems. When you consciously and subconsciously stay locked in on your money concerns, health burdens, relationship problems and so forth, you are signaling an attraction for those issues to continue.

We would suggest that you start to live your life properly. The addition of all that you wish for will come to you when you learn to subtract the consistent thoughts of fear and lack. When you stop blaming your circumstances for where you are and instead start to pound out a new and revitalized plan to change what you are unhappy with; only then will you start to see the blessings of your desires come to fruition. You empower yourself by envisioning your strengths and the things that will make you strong.

Those who persist in patterns that repeat gloomy results are usually the same people who speak the most about wanting something better. It is the people who have what is seen as “better” who instinctually know that they should remain appreciative of what they have so that more continues to flow to them. They “know” that more will come because they have already seen the evidence of their actions. While this message may be met with resistance by the very people we are trying to help, it will change your thinking.

Even if that has been accomplished for one day, then you are a single step closer to the redemption and positive outcome you are looking for. Practice the principles of self-empowerment by monitoring and deleting all unhealthy, limiting chatter. You are covered in the essence of love and infinite abundance, but you have to magnetize these attributes as if you already own them. May you feel the blessings of the universe shine on your heart and soul. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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