Friday, August 10, 2012

The Spoken Words of Spirit--August 11, 2012

The universe has no limits. There are no walls boxing it in, nor is there anyone or anything to prevent you from exploring more and more. Your lives are set much in the same way. While there may be physical limitations to what you are able to achieve, there is nothing that can prevent your mind from expanding and thinking in bigger, better and bolder terms. The only person who can limit your visions is you. Make sure you are not containing your potential by assuming you will be unable to attain something before you even start the journey to get there.

Many times, the topic of your potential comes up. The responses to it are as varied as the options to reach your goals, and to tap into the loving and giving realm of the other side. Some of you automatically view it as a failure on your part because you think you have not accomplished enough. Others look at it as an annoyance because they think they have done more than their fair share. We--Spirit--see it as a means of reminding you that there is always something more available for you to be excited by, drawn to and motivated by. Your potential is a private, internal drive that allows you to keep on striving for things even when you may feel as though it is impossible.

When you do not allow yourself to quit, you can more easily take your life from plain and ordinary to extraordinary. Take some time to evaluate who you are and what is important to you. Teach yourself that it is fine to be able to excel in whatever aspect you desire. Uncrate the useless and limiting thoughts that were bred into you and replace them with concepts that are inspiring! Be someone who others want to emulate because you have a “forward, always forward” mentality. Push past the mental barriers, as well as the physical ones, and you will see some splendid returns for those efforts.

In all you do, the power of the Creator is with you. At no time should you ever think that success in healing, love, finances and so forth is never available to you. With angels at your side, the capability to step beyond the boundaries of your normal thinking is always elevated. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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Mary said...

The universe has no limits. There are no walls boxing it in.

Your lives are set much in the same way.

The only person who can limit your visions is you.

In all you do, the power of the Creator is with you.

With angels at your side.

Beautiful message. Thank you always Jim Our Angel :-)**

Hope you're feeling well! Have a great week end, Jim.

Jim Fargiano said...

Thanks, Mary. Hope there were more rays of sun than drops of rain for you.