Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Spoken Words of Spirit--November 15, 2012

This was one of the most surreal messages I have channeled in quite awhile.
I learned a lot today.  When I woke up, my mood was already sour.  I had not let go of the horrible day I had yesterday.  It seemed like everyone was out to get me.  My girlfriend decided that she was not in the relationship that she wanted after four years of what appeared to be a blissful situation for both of us.  The number of times I pleaded with her to get married seemed to be a precursor to this news.  She packed her bags and left.  My job was already stressful and although I was the only one who showed up on time day after day after day, my employer determined that replacing me with a couple of entry level people would save the company a lot.  Fifteen years of giving them everything in me and I had to be humiliated by filling out unemployment papers for the first time ever.  Last night, the phone rang and I was told that my best friend was in a horrific automobile accident and died. 

The final insult was that when I went to clear my head by going for a jog with my faithful dog, a rogue pack of mongrels came out of nowhere and attacked us.  My sidekick took the brunt of it, doing his best to protect me.  While I only had superficial scrapes and punctures, he had some deep gashes and an artery in his leg severed.  After getting help from some neighborhood people, we were rushed to the animal hospital.  In that moment, having lost so much already, my dog was all that mattered to me.  The vet wanted to euthanize him, but I knew that the spirit in my furry partner would not let him give up that easily.  Instead, he was sutured and stapled—more than three hundred in total.  I agreed to let him stay there overnight to recuperate.  The doctor made me feel like his wounds were too grave for him to survive.

Last night, I went home a beaten man.  My life went from seemingly perfect to thoroughly empty and teetering on total ruin in about eighteen hours.  Today, I dragged myself out of bed, wondering if my four-legged buddy still had four legs, or for that matter, if he was alive.  To say I “woke up” is probably inaccurate because the tears that streamed down my face throughout the night never let up.  If a man could feel alone, as if he was on a deserted island in his own home, I found the way.  I was angry at everyone and found myself lashing out loud to no one in particular that there was no sense in living anymore.  There would be no way to afford my home, and for the first time since I graduated high school, I had no job to go to.  My love life was halted without explanation; my best friend and the only guy I trusted enough to bounce anything like this off for ideas and support was senselessly ripped from this earth.

I searched for anything in the cabinets that would help me to wake up, as I had given up coffee years ago.  However, after nothing satisfied me, I found myself strolling into the luncheonette and ordered the largest cup they had.  I sat in my car sipping it, tears once again relentlessly streaming down my cheeks.  With blurry eyes, my car was mindlessly put into drive and this machine and I took off.  There was no concept of time, distance or speed, but something guided me to a church on the fringe of the park. 

God and myself were basically strangers, yet I felt a warm invitation to go inside.  The doors were unlocked; odd for an area ripe with crime.  It all seemed out of place.  Not a person was there.  It was me and a bunch of statues that appeared to be talking to me.  I kneeled in front of the woman in blue and sobbed like a baby.  Not one word came out of my mouth, yet I felt like every thought in my head was being listened to and I was being acknowledged with sincerity.  If there was a way to put into words the love that washed over me, I would gladly share it.  However, it was such a deeply personal experience and something that one can only enjoy when they are enveloped by the Light of God.  All the heaviness I was feeling seemed to lift far up and away from me.  I drove away knowing that my life was not coming to an end, but I was being given an opening to an extraordinary new beginning. 

All I did was trust whatever that feeling was that welled up within me.  While I did not “hear” anything, I could not help listen to the power that drove me to my destination.  It led to me finding that I still had a friend, so to speak, and that my life was not as decimated as I believed only minutes before.  I went from the church to the animal hospital where I was greeted by a dog who had more will to survive than I had when I left him the night before.  His constant licking and tail-wagging was the love I needed to push myself forward.  My dog and God were on even ground, as silly as that might sound to some of you.  True love knows no limits.  Your life knows no limits except for the ones you impose on yourself!  These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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Mary said...

Your life knows no limits except for the ones you impose on yourself!

This sentence is so very true.

Awesome message.

Thank you always, Jim Our Angel :-)**
God Bless

Jim Fargiano said...

It sure is, Mary. Interesting message, wasn't it? Thank you for everything you do.