Monday, November 19, 2012

The Spoken Words of Spirit--November 20, 2012

Make sure you are always in a mindset of blessings and positive thoughts for yourself.  While this may automatically have many of you thinking we are teaching you something that is egotistical, the reality is we are sharing an idea that will help everyone to be thinking in terms of self-confidence and self-worth.  If you cannot feel good enough to be open to receiving these good things for yourself, then it will be more difficult for you to love and want them for others too.  Subconsciously, you end up wanting no one to want them.

We—Spirit—want all people to succeed and live happily.  If all of you are open to reaping the benefits of optimistic living, it will spiral out and create an avalanche of harmony.  In a world that seems to steadily becoming entrenched in anger, deceit and violence, it is time that the good people on earth begin to recognize that their own life counts!  Once done, you will become an icon of peace and justice through your actions; through your prayers.  That means that the violations of spiritual principles, that are often ambushed by people in positions of power, will have the light of God shining on them.  In return, their behavior will be challenged more and more, even by those who think they are supportive of them. 

Prayers have a way of opening the minds of many people.  Those who think they are aligning with someone who is trustworthy, only to find out they are not, are frequently afraid to remove themselves from the bond they have.  They think it will make themselves look bad.  Prayers can pry open even the most stubborn of the human species.  Perhaps in this season where we are supposed to be focused on sharing and giving thanks, we can take a little time to thank ourselves for having been given the gift of life.  From there, including others in your prayers, and simply asking for the Creator’s vision of peace to immediately be filled throughout the world, you will see more quickly  that the agitators will be overtaken by the sane, centered and God-respecting citizens of the world.

As many of you in the United States prepare for family visits, or visits and meals with friends, keep in mind that there are still numerous people who are not as fortunate.  While there is a deep governmental economic problem, there is not a lack of love, compassion or time amongst individuals.  Take a little time to see what you can do to determine if anyone you know is going to be alone during a time when companionship is routinely shared, along with a festive meal.  Make a difference and spread some happiness.  You will be answering someone’s prayers.  These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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Mary said...

We—Spirit—want all people to succeed and live happily. If all of you are open to reaping the benefits of optimistic living, it will spiral out and create an avalanche of harmony.

Make a difference and spread some happiness. You will be answering someone’s prayers.

God Bless you, Jim our Angel :-)**

Jim Fargiano said...

Mary, thanks again. I'm finally back from my mini hiatus.