Monday, April 22, 2013

The Spoken Words of Spirit--April 21, 2013

Once again, my guides in the Light have given me something I did not expect.  Please keep in mind that what you read is what I “hear” and is intended to be analogous to your personal lives as well.
We sit back and look at the recent anarchy that has been taking place in your country.  People are feuding in many different ways.  Some of it is in obvious open and violent ways.  Others do it surreptitiously, where they are trying to dupe the majority of society into thinking they will lead them to the promised land.  Still others are working clandestinely to undermine the depth of the foundation of global existence and domination by deteriorating the financial system as we have come to know it.  There is secretive mischief going on everywhere.

If this sounds ominous, it is meant to!  Human beings cannot take the core of the Creation out of everyday life and expect stability.  Any time you remove the breath of God from your philosophies, you may think you are getting away with something, yet you are only punishing the path of human existence.  Loyalty to God, by whatever name you call Him, will only lead to a more safe, loving and content life.  It does not lead to anything that unearths negativity.  It brings to you the values that all people must have in order to live a happier life.

We wonder how many people need to sound the alarms of concern before your fellow brethren awaken.  Your country was founded on the strong basis of Judeo-Christian philosophies.  They held up well for over two centuries, give or take some erratic attempts to undermine them.  Once a few in the minority decided that they should be treated as though they were the majority, laws were altered and the systematic removal of God began to take place from mention in schools, the government, stores, television and some sports.  Where has that brought the world today?  Without the loyalty to the qualities of the foundation that created true freedom for all people, we have seen an exorbitant amount of anger surface.  Those who claim to want equality are generally the ones who are doing things to create inequality.  From crimes against innocent children to the elderly, from horrific acts that create pandemonium in the public, the collusion amongst evil dwellers has begun to get a grip and stronghold on the populace.

Worry not, my children!  Being loyal to your God means that you will be loyal to the principles of the Golden Rule.  This means you will turn back the hands of time toward living in harmony.  Abiding by the set of rules founded by the originators of the United States, many of whom were deeply faithful to their religions, will start to bring the country back in balance.  For a moment, think about what you would do to show your loyalty to a land that has stood for freedom and equality.  Would you allow yourselves to be silenced while the minority of evil-dwellers tactically and tacitly ingrain their motives in reality?  Will you mine together all the good people you can and start your own peaceful revolution?  War does not have to be the answer.  If you have the courage to be loyal, then the power of prayer will provide the necessary solutions.  The grace of God is always with those who love and live life with blessed intentions.  Are you one such person who carries the weight of angels on your shoulders?  These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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Mary said...

This message is so very strong it has to be re read quite a few times to grasp all of it.

Thank you always, Jim :-)**
Hope all is fine with you as it is here.
God Bless

Jim Fargiano said...

Everything is moving along, Mary. Please keep being an angel for the rest of us!