Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Spoken Words of Spirit--April 25, 2013

A message from One Feather:

I looked into her young eyes and could see the love she had for me.  It was a love that swept right through my soul, yet my heart could not help but feel uplifted too.  Every time we were together her playful ways would make me smile.  To explain what this meant to me is almost too much to put in words.  I felt safe.  It was as if the Great Spirit had known precisely what I needed without me having to ask.  The weight of losing my last companion to a sudden illness seemed to be vanishing in a hurry.

Little did I know that one encounter with this free-spirited filly would change my mood and attitude towards life so swiftly.  My outlook was no longer forlorn, nor curious as to why I was unable to save my last partner with all the energy healing, herbs and natural training I had during this particular incarnation.  My excitement grew with each day we spent together, as I knew she was something really special.  Even though we were learning each others language, I knew she felt the same by the emotion that could be seen through the depth of her eyes when she looked at me.

I’m sure many of you have had your life sparked by a unique and special connection with another of the Great Spirit’s special souls.  It happens all the time, but many of you disregard or dismiss the importance.  When you find someone who lifts you up in ways that you cannot fully understand, be grateful for the connection.  If it is at all possible to expand the relationship to something permanent, then you should trust what  you feel and do what it takes to comfortably make that a reality.  If you put up boundaries based on every other persons belief system, what you end up having happen is to have a life of unfilled love, harmony and completeness.  Make sure you do not turn the people away who can bring the most joy and depth to your heart, mind and soul!

Many of you may have noticed that our messages have been much more terse of late.  This one comes with a great deal of love and inspiration that you focus on making your personal lives happy.  By doing so, you will have more courage to take on the bigger issues.  Charging ahead comes easier.  It is always better to be a peaceful warrior than it is to have to get on your horse to spearhead the advance into a wave of adversity.  In case you are wondering you my new love was, I already told you; she was my new horse.  This baby was fearless and much like me her glistening mass proved dominating.  It is true that many times you will gain peace through strength.  I know many of you thought I was speaking about a torrid love affair, but my connection to all living creatures mattered greatly to me, especially since there were times I needed to travel great distances to be a maker of peace.  My hope is that each one of you finds a way to allow peace to come into your souls, but to also be someone who is brave enough to stand up against the forces of negativity so you can do your part to improve the world.  These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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Mary said...

One Feather amazingly draws us instantly into his messages

" When you find someone who lifts you up in ways that you cannot fully understand, be grateful for the connection."

I especially love this sentence.

Thank you always, Jim Our Angel :-)**
God Bless

Jim Fargiano said...

He draws me in too. Easy to channel and "speaks" to us like we are all equals. Thanks, as always, Mary.