Monday, January 11, 2010

The Spoken Words of Spirit--January 12, 2010

The human brain is one incredibly powerful tool to use and nourish. It is responsible for almost all of your earthly decisions, as well as to program your subconscious. It is that part of your essence that creates the chances for you to discover the greatness that life can hold available to you. While the year is still new, we decided to share with you the nurturing needed to continue your journey to positive changes. Giving up on your goals and resolutions so quickly does not mean you have already failed. In fact, it is the perfect time to restart your engine and push yourself to see what it is that you want.

If your goals have not been written down and looked at several times a day, then it is probable that you forgot all about the reasons you wanted to make the changes to begin with. Life holds multiple chances for you to rejuvenate the concepts that will improve your direction. Spirit and the Kingdom of Angels are going to steer the chariot towards your destination, however, you have to at least be in the seat. In other words, much of the heavy lifting can be lightened, but you have to still do your part to help. You will not ever be given the gift of change if you continue to stay on the rutted road that has brought you to where you are. Let the gleaming light of love make this trip through your physical life more enjoyable by embracing it, not dismissing it.

We are confident that you can challenge yourselves in numerous ways to jump past the gap that may be holding you back from the intended wealth of health, emotions, spirituality and finances. Make today one in which you literally become literate and write down what you want and then read it over and over. Allow the message to seep into your subconscious mind! Let the internal powers become unleashed and watch as the Eternal Powers and your loved ones in spirit take over. There is no viable reason to think you are not someone who can achieve things. You are not being held back by anything other than your own “old tapes” of frustration and misinformation. Register new ones so that you can be uplifted, not slammed down by the harshness that the physical world may seem to hold. On the wings of angels, let the winds of success blow in! These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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nina said...

Thanks Jim,
Lately I've been seeing an image of myself as a sailboat. I have to keep my sails lifted to catch the, "winds of success", provided by the Angels. Thanks again.

Lydia M said...

Thank you and Spirit for such an uplifting message.
"Let the gleaming light of love make this trip through your physical life more enjoyable by embracing it, not dismissing it." These words can actually be my mantra. This year is full of wonderful new experiences for me. God is so good.

Diane said...

Jim, this one of the most uplifting and positive messages! I love every word, every sentence, but the ending is what touched me the most..."On the wings of angels, let the winds of success blow in!"

Thank you!

Jim Fargiano said...

This message was extremely powerful. I'm glad all of you felt it too.