Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Spoken Words of Spirit--June 28, 2010

Your life is filled with spectacular possibilities. The only reason they are limited is by the voices you supply to your subconscious. The more you allow the old and useless negative mental tapes to play in your head, the more you will find roadblocks to the path of happiness you are seeking. You must learn to discard what others tell you that you cannot do, especially when that might be something that will reward you and others. Feel the triumphant power of angelic glory within you!

Shift your goals to be reasonable, yet still big enough to be motivating for you to push towards the excitement of achieving them. Fear will hinder your growth, just as unnecessary procrastination will do the same. You are a powerful person; capable of doing great things. Make sure you do not devalue what you can attain by falling into the victim mentality that many people unconsciously let happen to themselves. Stop expecting every change or goal to be met with challenges that overwhelm you. Why would you want to derail anything that will make you happy before you even give it a chance?

This lesson from Spirit holds true whether it refers to relationships, jobs, health, or any other form of elated desires you have. You can have the best for yourself, no matter that “best” may be. We want you to dream larger than you were told you should by the naysayer or those who “didn’t want you to be disappointed.” All people know someone like that. They are the ones who would rather stay mired in mediocrity instead of striving for greater gains. Who do you want to be? Are you content with your life as it is, or do you crave improvements? Seize the opportunity to make them. That opportunity is the simple fact that you are alive and have a support system of loved ones on both sides of the divide. They will assist you if you would only ask and accept the help. You are worthy of other peoples time. Give yourself permission to allow it to come to you. Love who you are, just as you are. Your angels already feel that way about you. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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Mary said...

You are worthy of other peoples time. Give yourself permission to allow it to come to you. Love who you are, just as you are. Your angels already feel that way about you.

I always hate to take up others time...... so, Wow!!! I will read this over a few times.

Thanks as always, My Earth Angel, Jim :-)**
God Bless

Jim said...

"Feel the triumphant power of angelic glory within you!"

This one line is an empowering summation. Thanks again for a wonderful message.

Diane said...

"Your life is filled with spectacular possibilities." Such a great thought!

"Love who you are, just as you are. Your angels already feel that way about you." This is so beautiful...I needed this today.

Another amazing message! Thanks Jim, as always !

Jim Fargiano said...

I thought this message was pretty powerful too. Hope each of you are doing well.