Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Spoken Words of Spirit--July 14, 2010

This message came to me in a tone and vibration of love that has been unmatched by any I have ever experienced.
My hand is extended; simply waiting for someone to take hold of it. I watch as people run wild, destroying their lands and their love for one another. My hand is always being held out, with the patience of a saint, just hoping that anyone in need would grab it. “It has special powers!” I am always shouting those words, again and again, merely waiting for the minds of people to recognize the formidable strength that they portray. Instead, they ignore it while violence escalates, relationships fall apart, the financial world stumbles and the earth becomes a place of distrust.

“Where are you? Why have you ignored me, God?” This is what I hear as most human beings scurry around without the feeling of direction in their lives. As loud voices continue to kick the Creator out of the minds of young ones and out of the halls of places that were founded on Godly beliefs, their struggles continue to mount. Year after year, the environment became less and less trustworthy, yet I was still standing. I wondered aloud why people could not figure out that the plague of spiritual anarchists’ behavior would overrule the power of peaceful intentions. The irony is that they pitch their Godless plan to the masses under the guise of making the world an even and fair place to live; a place of peace. The reality is that they are taking away the personal drive to succeed and the motivation to want to secure a healthy plan of action for both self and family.

How can you expect true peace to come when the largest link to making that a reality is dispensed of? How can illnesses be healed without this connection? What about relief in abundance and wealth of all types? Why do your marriages meander; often because of the actions, non-actions and attitudes of just one? What is the delay? The answer is simple. You have kicked out your angels, your God, your protectors! We have not left you despite your abuse, lies and persecution. Just who has abandoned whom?

Today, I ask that you seek out a direction that encourages you to live with zest and enjoyment. I ask that each one of you learn to treat each other with the love and respect you want for yourselves. Each individual act of kindness and goodwill creates a flood of more and more. Of course, there will be differences of opinions, but that is what should be making your physical lives so magical. This incarnation is like no other for your soul! Learn to give back and pay forward with the knowledge that is so eloquently and innocently immersed into your very essence and fiber of your being. Treasures await you! Angels are abundant, but only you can carve the personal relationship you desire with the Power of your beliefs. With undying love, my Light is passed to each of you. My hand will always be outstretched and waiting for you to slip the energy of yourself and soul into it. I want you to shout out to me, “Here I am!“ and know that you will be helped. As Saint Peter, I leave you with The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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LG said...

WOW..........not much to say after that but thank you.

Liz said...

This blog has left me wiping away my tears. It flows like a poem so eloquent and deep. I could feel the pain and desperation in his words as he continues to tirelessly remind us of his unconditional love and support. Yet as always in the end I am left with a feeling of love, understanding and inspiration. Many thanks as always for sharing these powerful messages. OX

Diane said...

Incredible! beautiful! I don't know what else to say. I want to just take his hand and let him know there are many of us here who accept and return his love.

I don't know how else to say thank you Jim, for the incredible gift you give us each and every day. So I can only say, thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Jim said...

What a powerful message! I needed to re-read this a few times. Is this the first time that he has come through to you?

Thanks, Jim, as always.

Mary said...

With undying love, my Light is passed to each of you. My hand will always be outstretched and waiting for you to slip the energy of yourself and soul into it.

Wow, what more can we ask for !!!

This message is very deep and soul felt.

Thank You Jim,
(Earth Angel) :-)**for bringing us these beautiful messages.
God Bless

Jim Fargiano said...

I have to tell all of you that this message was given to me so clearly that I cannot put it in words. It was truly an out of body experience. Although I was attached to the keyboard, it felt like I was elsewhere.

Jim, my friend told me I channeled Saint Peter once before, but like virtually everything I channel there is no memory of it.