Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Spoken Words of Spirit--September 22, 2010

Be attentive to yourself and what is important to you. Spirit is looking for each person to take a few minutes every now and then to do a mental and physical health check of themselves. People spend so much of their time worrying about trivial issues, and many times the needs of others, that when it comes to their own health and well-being they put that in reserve. Now is as good a time as any to take charge of what YOU need. It is not done with selfish intent, but with the knowledge that loving entities are cupping you with encouragement and the surety that life will be great.

In order to fully benefit from a very busy world, it becomes imperative for you to be in alignment as much as possible. Whenever someone is ailing or filled with anxieties; from Spirit’s standpoint, they are not able to make the same cognizant decisions that would normally be considered. Emotions play a gigantic factor in when many of your choices should be made with clarity. Sometimes, you begin to be picayune about topics and issues that should hold little relevance. Pain also causes abrupt decisions, as well as unneeded frustrations. This is the time to invoke the power of the LG factor! Let Go. Let God. Life’s Good!

This message is a mere reminder that no matter how high or low you feel, the power of your angels, loved ones and the Creator can help you to expand the good or eliminate the bad. It requires consistency and dedication to them. It means that whether you feel them or not, the BELIEF has to be that Spirit is with you in innumerable ways. We would also tell you to trust the intuitive feelings you get, as these are messages of love and directives for you to abide by, even if you may not intellectually or egotistically agree with them. The fastest way to a fruitful life is created when you bond with a Higher Presence and couple it with those who want to genuinely love and help you on the earth side too. Thinking you have to accomplish all feats by yourself because it is more fulfilling, may also be to ignore the fact that “fixing” things in you and on your path is easier with a partner. May each of you understand the depth of this lesson. If you are hesitant about it, reach out to someone who can explain it more. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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Mary said...

The fastest way to a fruitful life is created when you bond with a Higher Presence and couple it with those who want to genuinely love and help you on the earth side too

Beautiful, impressive, words to live by. We all need this help

Thanks, My Angel Jim :-)**
God Bless

Anonymous said...

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