Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Spoken Words of Spirit--October 15, 2010

Even when everything might be going perfectly for you, lessons are being taught. Your ability to handle success through all the good times is just as important as how you handle problems and the stresses in your life. What it comes down to is your communication skills; not only with other people, but with your spiritual guides and teachers. They are the ones who have the most power in universal affairs. If you show respect for all of your soul’s lessons, then you will have the good ones enhanced and the ones that are not will be dispensed of much more quickly.

By learning to express gratitude for the positive through charitable contributions to spiritually promoting causes or groups, or by donating your time and expertise to those in need, you will be rewarded with even more success. The universe always wants to give in multiples any good deed or act of kindness. The same holds true for attitudes. When they are positive, you will continue to have more good “luck” sent your way. However, when you are obstinate and refuse to move your thoughts away from negative thinking and actions, that too, is multiplied. The power of positive minds is an indomitable force of spiritual prowess. Remember, you have the control to change that which you do not want, as well as to increase all of the aspects of life that you do like.

Most of the people who are struggling will be analyzing this message; fighting the simplicity of it within the walls of their mind. Familiarity in your personal thought processes is often a stumbling block. For those of you who are having some difficult times, we ask that you give us forty days to show you that life can change for the good. Each time you catch yourself with a limiting thought, eradicate it by simply saying, “Thank you for sharing that, but I choose to…” and end it with a phrase of optimistic or positive proportions. “I choose to embrace all the avenues of success that are available to me.” Or, “I choose to take steady steps to improving my health by doing one thing more than I have been able to.” It makes little difference if that one step is a phone call to ask someone to help you, or a literal step during your daily exercise or stretching regimen. Remember, YOU HAVE THE POWER TO CONTROL YOUR FUTURE!

Your destiny lays in the hands of yourself and your Higher Power. Never sell short the ability of the tender embrace of the Creator, your loved ones and angels. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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Diane said...

"Your destiny lays in the hands of yourself and your Higher Power." I wish more people knew and understood this. What a beautiful world it would be!

Thanks Jim, for another powerful message and lesson!

Mary said...

Your destiny lays in the hands of yourself and your Higher Power. Never sell short the ability of the tender embrace of the Creator, your loved ones and angels

Impressive words again. This message makes us ponder many things.

Thanks My Angel, Jim :-)**
God Bless

Jeni said...

Its amazing how in sync we are! LOL.... I post positiive quotes and affirmations on FB pretty much daily. Just yesterday I posted this one:
“Blessed are those who can give without remembering and take without forgetting”
~ Elizabeth Bibesc

I love the words you speak ~ Isn't it just wonderful how we DO have control of our happiness! So many unhappy people and all they have to do is shift their perceptions (way of thinking). We are what we focus on! I choose Happiness!

Have a blessed Fall day!

P.S. I love your book - i bought it on E version so I can read on the train on my daily commute to NYC.

P.S.S. Here's another good quote: "You have not lived a perfect day...unless you have done something for someone who will never be able to repay you."
~ Ruth Smeltzer