Friday, October 22, 2010

The Spoken Words of Spirit--October 23, 2010

Sometimes, well-intentioned people may give you the wrong advice. This is true in almost all circles of life. It is completely up to you to determine whether or not what you are hearing rings true with your soul. If the information instinctually feels good, then it is probably your Inner Child telling you to pay attention. If you are second-guessing it, or do not have a comfortable feeling in your “gut,” then it would behoove you to steer clear, or take another look at it before putting it into motion.

People were given a perfect checks and balance system, but most are unaware of it. When your soul arrives for its physical life lessons, it always carries a strong piece of the God-power with it. Each one of you is a part of a greater whole, yet individually you still make an insurmountable difference to the world. As long as you choose to pay attention to the aspects of your soul that whisper to you what is good or bad; what is loving or has mal-intentions, the odds of you struggling are diminished. The voice that resonates inside of you is the same voice that booms messages of love, hope, faith and trust all throughout the universe.

Granted, some people will always embrace an action-filled life that it derives from a purposeful approach towards living in evil or negative ways. Generally, these humans have younger souls--souls that have not had multiple lifetimes to learn that life is a gift that should always be lived in positive proportions. That is why it is pertinent for you to be aware of your own growth. There are times when you may even wonder how advanced you are spiritually. The simple fact that you are questioning it is reason enough to know that you are more advanced then you may feel. As long as you trust the gift of life and satisfaction that you were blessed with, you will be walking on a path of joyful purpose. You will be more easily able to step beyond the boundaries that have held you back; either by the words and hands of others, or by your own actions. Enjoy and excite your life by not simply looking at it as an endurance contest. Feel the power of your soul! These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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Mary said...

Enjoy and excite your life by not simply looking at it as an endurance contest. Feel the power of your soul!

I Love this whole message........................

Thanks, My earth Angel,
God bless

Jeni said...

Interesting post! I got the most out the middle to end! I believe our life here on earth is to develop our soul. I have always felt like I was an old soul. I love living my life in constant love for others and doing whatever I can to help another....
love your messages!
Blessings of love and happiness always to you,

Diane said...

"People were given a perfect checks and balance system, but most are unaware of it." I have learned to trust myself more, and know that when something does not feel right to me, to just discard it. It took a long time for me to get to this point but I find now that I don't struggle with those doubts like I used to.

Beautiful message Jim, thank you, as always.

Friday's event was great, and you were phenomenal as usual!! Looking forward to the next one!

Jim Fargiano said...

Thank you, Mary, Jeni and Diane.

Friday was fun and so far all the feedback has been favorable.