Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Spoken Words of Spirit--March 28, 2011

There will be days when you find yourself questioning everything about who you are. It is not abnormal to rebalance all of your previous ideas; especially when you run into some unplanned pains. The physical world can seem to be daunting during periods that may be filled with physical discomfort, grief, failure, new friendships and success. Whether good or bad, any shift that you incur will require you to feel your way through it. These are the times when you need to be resilient and accepting of the opportunity to morph in ways that will expand the brighter side of life.
With that said, some of you may be wondering why we would include good things as something to adjust to and accept. Our reasoning is simply that we want you to know that all changes in your existence can be initially uncomfortable. People who do not experience a path of riches will often return to a level of discomfort when they are given an ample supply of anything. For example; if you have always struggled financially, and suddenly were given a windfall, it is possible that you would spend it in ways that would lead you back to where you began.
All changes in life require some assimilation. Sudden fame or sudden failure can equate to the same levels of agitation. If we focus on the negative, then it would be to remind you that new prospects arise each day; a new wave of love can be found in a matter of moments. While it is easy to feel downtrodden and frustrated, it is within your grasp to reach out to the people, places and things that can earnestly improve your outlook. This means that if you have dealt with too many losses of people, pets or homes, that should not be looked at as a journey and path that is permanently etched into your being. It can be eased.
Many times, it is not lost on your teachers in the Light that you feel lost and abandoned. Hopelessness does not have to be the albatross around your neck. Instead of throwing in the proverbial towel, step back for a few minutes to think about all angles of assistance that can come to you. Multiple times, angles and angels will appear to you whenever you have created an attitude that all is lost. Life is always worth fighting for, because as an individual, you are still a source of importance for many people. While you may not feel as though you can slide past the mental bombardment of woeful outlooks, your loved ones in the realm of heaven can attest otherwise. You do not need to give someone or something else the right to make you suffer. Gain your freedom by releasing the pinning of subconscious thoughts that can inhibit your ability to see the sun through the clouds. Your brightest days are still ahead of you. Believe, believe, believe! These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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Jeni said...

" an individual, you are still a source of importance for many people!"
I love this message! It is so true..
Thank you Jim everyday for the words from Spirit... Beautifully sung!
Hope you had a peaceful day,

"Our deepest sadness can be the catalyst to our greatest happiness!"
~ Gabby Bernstein

Jim said...

I truly believe that all the major trials that we experience in this life are all necessary in order to advance our souls. And many, if not all of them are part of our "plan" before we enter this earthly realm.

Thanks, Jim, for these messages and for all you do.

Diane said...

There will be days when you find yourself questioning everything about who you are." I love the way this message started...I have felt this way many times! But throughout all of the multiple lessons, there is always great experience and soul growth as our gifts.

"...angles and angels..." love the word play!

Thank you Jim, as always. xoxo

Jim Fargiano said...

Thank you Jeni, Jim and Diane. I thought it was an interesting message. The word play made me feel like I was reversing things in my already busy head.