Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Spoken Words of Spirit--September 11, 2011

Today is a day of reflection for many people.  My prayers and thoughts are with everyone who has been impacted by the 9-11 attacks.  Below is an excerpt from The Spoken Words of Spirit.  It was channeled the night of the tragedy.

SEPTEMBER 11, 2001   

It is God’s greatest gift to bring life to people. By no means is God responsible for the actions of evil that were perpetrated on the world today. America was created to symbolize freedom, unity, and total accessibility to understand the Higher Power, yet it is
understanding that will take many people a very long time to grasp. 

From amongst the piles of rubbish and lifeless bodies that the evils of several selfish men created, people will rise to a greater harmony. Humans will learn not to distrust others so readily, but instead, we will teach and learn from this massive tragedy. All of us, both in the physical, as well as the spiritual, will challenge the foundation of life itself to reignite us to acting in and with love as the focus to humanity. We will amass a great sense of unification and stand tall and proud. By way of proclamation and advancements of maintaining a positive and pure life, the ignorance of these hideous actions will be defeated. Fear has no place in living life, and your God and your inner spirit will prove to be correct in this. 

We can be angered and enraged, feel emotionally scarred and hurt, but all energies should be put towards rebuilding our reality of a peace-loving life. Use our focus to help, not hinder, a healing. This is a hard task and well recognized that it may be difficult to achieve, but know this: God and Spirit worked tirelessly in the moments leading to this act of free will to insulate and protect as many as possible. These “miracle” stories will be relayed over the coming days and weeks so that you may zero in on them, rather than the viciousness that was needlessly and hatefully thrown at mankind. America stands for leadership and friendliness, but the United States will need to be just that: UNITED. In this time of mourning, you must be a front-runner, not just for your friends and family in this situation, but for the entire world to see. You can set the tone for a new and stronger wave of humanity and be the window for all good souls across the world to see through. This adversity can be the eyepiece of the brilliance of the souls of God, inborn in each and every one of us. 

May peace and the Light of God’s love be restored to all people, all equally important as His children.


I will be on Marti Oakley's show, The Truth Squad tonight. It is another foray out of my comfort zone, as I will be talking about the spiritual angle that led me to helping my friend and the guardian abuse case she has been dealing with. More info on that can be found on the SAVE Dorothy Wilson Legally Kidnapped page on Facebook. The show starts at 6:00pm EST and can be accessed at:

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