Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Spoken Words of Spirit--May 21, 2012

This message was given to me in response to a question about how I handle people who label me, as well as others.  I was requested to write it from my perspective.  Hopefully, I was able to convey my thoughts clearly, which is sometimes difficult without writing a novella.
Life presents us with a society that loves to paste labels on everyone.  It can be difficult to live on a path that might make you appear to be individualistic.  For myself, having been tossed unexpectedly and unceremoniously into a world that was totally unfamiliar, it led many people to make assumptions.  Fairly or unfairly, having the spiritual aspects of my Inner Child blasted awake, I was cast as crazy, an arm of the devil, a scam artist and other things that clearly are unsuitable for print.  While this angered me, I could also easily understand where this might come from.  Conversing with dead people; tapping into and healing others through the powerful energies that circulate around us, use to also make me skeptical of anyone who did that.  It is a far different story for since God thrust that ability upon me.

All people are creatures of patterns and their environment. As I have always been patient for the rights of others to have their opinions, I do often wonder why the need for personal attacks have to come.  Whether they are to my face or more commonly behind my back, the frustration I feel is the same.  Ignorance and fear will always make for the possibilities of those who have no clue as to the verity or cause of certain things to lash out in an effort to make themselves feel more superior.  It is in direct opposition to the facets of love and spiritual growth that I have been summoned to share.

Thankfully, there are far more people who are enamored with the gift that the Creator dropped on me--to be able to communicate with the angelic side of life.  Of course, the labels of being gifted, saintly, loving, healing and things of that ilk make me feel uncomfortable personally.  However--and I say this without any sense of ego--they align more realistically with the path that has been paved for me.  In fact, I am often reminded of the need to discount the influence that those accolades would give to most people because I am merely “a tool of healing and purpose” to hopefully bring some peace to the hearts, minds and souls of as many people as possible.

What all this comes down to is that I have to continue to find a balance in my life to deal with all of these label-creating people.  Like you, it is important to listen to those who disagree, but not to allow those people to reroute what is truly a positive path.  As long as you are on the road to positive self-discovery; positive transformation for the world around you, then labels mean nothing.  Being described in any fashion by anyone who does not have deep, personal knowledge of who I am fascinates me.  While I find it amusing, it also can hit a nerve.  Ironically, the percentage probably runs neck and neck, in the positive and negative label category, because as far back as I can remember, my philosophy has always been to let life play out for me so that the facts shake out.  It is important for all people to do this.

If I have learned anything over close to two decades of spirit communication, it is that human tendencies are not born into us, but learned behavior.  Some parts of our belief system take hold more strongly than others, which is what fans the variation of personalities.  The world was created for us to imbibe on differences, where knowledge is gained from more and more of life’s experiences.  All that any of us should remember is to live respectfully of each other.  Labels have no place in a Creation that has each one of us designated with uniqueness.  Let the blessings of love from your angels flow to you as you advance through an existence of multiple lessons.  These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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Mary said...

The world was created for us to imbibe on differences, where knowledge is gained from more and more of life’s experiences. All that any of us should remember is to live respectfully of each other. Labels have no place in a Creation that has each one of us designated with uniqueness.

I love this part

Beautiful story, and perfectly written, Jim Our Angel:-)**
God Bless

Jim Fargiano said...

Thanks Mary. It was definitely a little different.

Diane said...

I just read this blog today Jim, and all I have to say is this to those who have ever made any negative comment about you and / or your gifts: phtphtphtpht.

While my response is not quite as eloquent and elegant as i would like it to be, those naysayers do not deserve any other words from me or you or any of my time, much less yours.

Thank you for another beautiful lesson, as always...xoxo