Monday, May 28, 2012

The Spoken Words of Spirit--May 29, 2012

Seldom do I share which one of my guides in spirit are sending the messages I receive, but it was so critical that this one be understood by everyone that I am including it. One Feather has been with me since I was blown open, and onto a path that I had no conscious awareness that was going to be largely responsible for building my legacy. The message following are the words as I heard them from him.
For the average citizen, the mere thought of communication with those on the other side of the divide elicits every emotion and thought from fear, anger, disbelief, reverence and deeply felt love and appreciation. My physical life was spent under the cloak of a union with the Great Spirit, land, waterways and animals of all varieties. It had always seemed that there was an innate drive for me to be bonded with them; something that I was never quite able to put into words. However, I was able to teach through my actions. I found that as important as it is for the spoken word to be used correctly, that the true remembrance of who you are will be imprinted on others by what you did in your life. This is why my deeds always matched or outperformed my verbal guidance.

I found that I was leaving a legacy of love, wisdom and gentleness through my strength of character and appreciation for the people and everything else around me. The more I lived in a mode of love and actions that were principled--or respectful of my fellow man and woman--the easier it was to continue on that path. When you want to be infectious in a good way, it is to build on living life only in ways that are going to encourage others to follow your model. That is why I spent my time communicating with my teachers of the earth, wind, fire and water. By being in an attitude of meditation all the time, the nuances in life bothered me very little. The inconsideration that can be thrown at you by others can be shirked off when you recognize things from a higher, soul level perspective.

I wanted my legacy to be unforgettable. I wanted it to be remembered for the passion I lived with; for the help given to others by me. If anything, I want to be recalled as someone who gave every ounce of their effort in attempting to make the world a better place to live; a place that was improved by the love and attitude extended to everyone. If I learned to anything during these incarnations, it was to simply build on optimism. Every ounce of effort given in positive ways would always be met with substantial rewards. Sometimes those rewards would be in watching the younger ones try to mimic my good behavior. That meant that the impact of living life in a beautiful state of mind would be carried forth by the next generation of physical beings. I trusted that this meant that the bounties of heartfelt joy would be enhanced by numerous others. Looking back from the other side of the divide, I can be proud of the legacy that trails behind. Like the tail on a comet, my energy will be felt throughout the universe. It is a great thing to think that in some small way, that by living my life respectfully of others, I helped light up the skies in more ways than imaginable. What legacy are you going to leave? Will it be positive or negative? These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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Mary said...

I always love One Feathers words.
How do we find out who our spirit guides are Jim? Do they ever make themselves known?

Thank you, Jim Our Angel Hope you had a lovely week- end.:-)**
Today we went to a party for my Grandson Robby. He just graduated from Lehigh college. I don't know how 4 years went so fast.
God Bless

Jim Fargiano said...

Congrats to everyone!