Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Spoken Words of Spirit--December 10, 2012

So much can be learned from our mistakes if we make ourselves available to review them with an unbiased approach.  The hardships and travails of previous times should be a cue for you to avoid repeating the steps that led you to them.  While this message is very much meant on a personal level, it should be noted that governments should also heed this advice from Spirit. 

Unfortunately, today’s world is so integrated due to technology that the globe is shrinking.  Large scale problems place fear into the hearts and minds of everyone.  Civil unrest and violence that is born out of the mismanagement of finances, lack of morals by government leaders, the abuse of power by many who are supposed to be protectors for all, and so forth, permeate into many personal households.  This creates attitudes that often mirror what is seen and heard, thereby perpetuating more of the same, only this time it is being done on an individual basis.

When you think about this it should trigger some sort of familiarity; perhaps a brief thought of acknowledgement that you or someone you know can relate to what we are saying. Our question to you is quite simple today.  Why would you want to repeat behavior that served to only hurt you and quite possibly the people around you in the past?  It makes virtually no difference if this was a large gaffe or miniscule in size.  Today is your day to leap into one of self-empowerment by grinding your way towards the goals you have that are positive, loving and steer away from any negative path of education that you have experienced.  Let your friends in heaven help you to discard the trap of repeating any behavior that is unhelpful, distasteful or prohibiting you from excelling in life.

Almost a year ago many of you had great intentions of changing things for yourself.  Resolutions were set to lose weight, get healthy, become financially secure, be a better person, improve your relationships and so on.  The bulk of you failed.  It was not because you did not have the tools to succeed.  Rather this failure was caused because you did not honor yourselves enough.  You did not love yourself as the person you wanted to become!  You did not see yourself as having already succeeded, nor did many of you truly trust that you could achieve what you wanted as soon as the first obstacle crossed your path.

In all that we have shared with you, one key element has been missing.  Whether it is global strife, greed, anger and the destruction of the lifeblood of society; or in the actual seeking of your dreams, too many people are trying to extinguish God from the minds of everyone.  The “lifeblood” we speak of would be the innocence of children and the wisdom of the elderly.  Make your lives easier by being proud to carry the weightlessness of the Creator and your angels in your body, mind and soul.  The changes and improvements you want will pop with enthusiasm!  These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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Mary said...

Make your lives easier by being proud to carry the weightlessness of the Creator and your angels in your body, mind and soul. The changes and improvements you want will pop with enthusiasm!

This is a beautiful message, to sit and ponder.

Your daily words always bring peaceful thoughts; calming my mind, Jim Our Angel. I thank you always. :-)** God bless

Jim Fargiano said...

Thanks for sharing that with me, Mary.