Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Spoken Words of Spirit--December 14, 2012

Shortly, the New Horizon will be upon us.  It is not about coming into a New Year, nor is it about seeing the destruction of the earth as a planet.  It is all about healing yourself and what you can control through your thoughts and actions.  Spirit is calling on all positive-minded, loving people to reflect upon their actions and deeds well before they strike out in any negative way.  We are calling on all of you to “battle” with the forces of evil-intentioned individuals who are slowly turning this world into a place of unrest through their attempts to make it a Godless society.

Little by little, the minority is trying to remove all mention of Jesus or anything resembling the peace and civility or the true icons who represent the tenets of the Creator.  While this is not intended to be a religious message, we could not help piggyback off the fact that billions of people are getting ready to celebrate the birth of Christ and are in the midst of peacefully celebrating Hanukkah.  While we preach tolerance, there is a difference between that and allowing wrong-minded people to trample the blessings of Creation, your rights and the rights of billions upon billions of humans who truly covet and honor their connection, belief and strength given to them by God.  This is true regardless of what name or church they choose to practice at. 

You must speak up against this and demand that Christ be put back in Christmas and God stay as the relevant fact and guide for mankind to be led in all the proper ways to live a harmonious life.  To allow people to expunge Him, or make His prominence seem unimportant is the same as condoning it.  This should be a time of reflection on the depth of love that comes from the angels.  It is not meant to be an era of hostility, led by selfish and ignorant people.  It is not supposed to be a time where we overlook the abuses of children, women, the elderly and infirmed.  Let this be a time of healing; a time of unification, for it is now that you should be expanding the energies and loving embrace of arms that wrap you with devotion throughout your stay on the physical side of life. 

The concept of Santa has grown to be one of someone who brings joy to children.  Since you are all children of God isn’t this the best time to begin to spread that thought and feeling amongst each other?  Why wait for the next person to do what you can by gently sharing the love and proper guidance you have to anyone you feel is being led onto the wrong path?  With so much fear about the Mayan calendar and the world coming to an end, why not reverse that by flooding the universe with positive thoughts, prayers and an invocation of love instead of hatred?  Each one of you makes a difference!  You are powerful representatives of the New Awakening!  You will not be intimidated by someone’s title, fancy, but tricky oratory skills, or anyone who casts threats to squash the building blocks of a Creation of love. 

The universe is froth with abundance and it does not have to be stolen from one person to be given to another.  You have the right to work at the pace of your choosing.  If you see someone who is content living impoverished and without taking any steps to turn that around, giving them a handout without education will only expand their power to teach others not to put any effort into existing.  Be a teacher of your angels, for it is all those on earth who hold the key to rampant joy and hearts filled with happiness.  Let us work together to reconstruct what has been systematically been taken away from us one piece at a time.  You are strong!  These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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Mary said...

Be a teacher of your angels, for it is all those on earth who hold the key to rampant joy and hearts filled with happiness. Let us work together to reconstruct what has been systematically been taken away from us one piece at a time.

Thank you, Jim Our Angel :-)**
God Bless