Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Spoken Words of Spirit--December 19, 2012

We are nearing the holiday that is meant to be a celebration of the life of Jesus.  While not all people on earth have the same belief system, He is considered a spiritual leader by everyone.  During times when the world seems tumultuous, having someone to pray to and praise will help to lift the daggers of emotional pain.  It seems that many humans seem to take their exit back to the side of Golden Light around the esteemed days of love, such as Christmas.  It has more to do with the soul knowing that it will be safe and secure than it does the human side of things.

Let our focus be on the human and humanitarian side of life.  You have all been given many chances to experience life in innumerable ways.  For those of you who are a little more advanced in age, you were more sheltered from the harsh and brutal realities that can be perpetrated by men and women with evil minds.  With the continued growth and availability of technology, even the youngest and most innocent in society are indoctrinated into seeing everything that goes on in the world, including violence and untruths that lead to more violence.  For this reason alone, we ask that you stay focused on the sanctity and love that should be felt and given at all times.

Many of you are aware of the mass killing of our children last week.  Any sudden loss of life, especially when it is a child, is very difficult to deal with.  It becomes compounded when it happens at the time of the season that is known for rejoicing, as well as when it occurs in such a cruel and vicious way.  From the side of heaven, we ask for you to hold high in your thoughts the loss that these families are struggling with.  We want you to know that your prayers will be felt by the children and adults who tried to protect them but perished in their efforts.  Each of them are being treated with the importance of all high angels.

From your own personal life aspect, it is a time to be grounded and to teach love, respect and generosity.  It is up to everyone to start sharing and instilling these traits into everyone you come across, especially the youngsters in your life—personally and peripherally.  Why not get yourselves refocused on the simple, but profound content that the entire population should follow; that being the Ten Commandments?  Following these simple steps will lead all people to a life of enrichment.  The youth and the elderly are on equal ground when these Godly “rules” are abided by.  When all is said and done, all that is wanted from and for all people is to be satiated in happiness.  Allow yours to seep deep into your heart and soul and it will always find a way to extend to others.  These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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Mary said...

Giving up hope that things will be better is not an option. Expecting them to be better is where your voices need to be; where you need to lean. Consider this—there are twenty little angels who have streaked into heaven, escorted by the grownups who tried to protect them. Let them be the image in your mind to rejuvenate your thoughts towards making the path of life a comfort again.

We must always have hope ..........................for the next generation to live happy and peacefully.

Thank you for this awesome message, Jim Our Angel
God Bless