Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Spoken Words of Spirit--September 25,2013

If you live in synchronicity with reverent characteristics throughout each day, eventually you will have led yourself to a life that is filled with harmony.  Perhaps we could say that as long as you are abiding by the virtues of empowering angels that you will find many beautiful impressions falling onto your path.  Often, it takes others who deny the existence and benefit of God’s minions a much longer time to receive the same benefits and value that the human side of life can present.  Failure to embrace the energies of purity and the good will that the universe provides for all beings subjects you to many delays, and you are more prone to have hardships befall you.

The attitude of graciousness will always win over an attitude of ego and unappreciative behavior towards your fellow man and woman alike.  You should always work fervently towards lifting up society.  Today, there are too many worldwide leaders and deceitful bands of braggarts who are fueling the frenzy of negativity.  Only the normal, stable union of children and adults who want to live in the loving rays of the Creator’s Truth can turn things around.  It shall be done one thought and one person at a time.

This is said to you so that you never feel overwhelmed.  All you have to do is seek to be as pure and loving as you can be without ever “buying into” the irrelevancy of taking from one person to equalize things by giving it to others.  The reality is that it never reaches the people you are misled it will be given to.  Subsequently, you end up with a world of people who are angry because what they earned was taken away and the others will be irate because what they were promised was never given. It leads to divisions amongst so many types of people and causes personal distrust everywhere. 

Why are we drumming this type of message into you?  Simply because you are the ones responsible to determine what you want the future to look like.  No longer can anyone assume that this will be a place of civility and a country or world that unifies.  It is the lackadaisical attitude that enabled this type of rampant revolt against the mandates of angels, so now it must be the strong-minded who must come to the forefront and be a savior for one person at a time.  Let the innocence of children now and in the future not be burdened by the sins of corrupt minds of their ancestors.  This is not to say that everyone took part in causing the problems, but to remain silent and think you have no voice is exactly what the loud taunts of dictatorial minds want you to do.

Imagine if the meek banned together and stood shoulder to shoulder as one voice.  It would be so bold and loud that it would drown out any venomous, negative, distortions of the truth.  You would be backed by the most formidable Force in the universe—The Creator of all things!   Trust that you will not be led astray if you are part of the band of brothers and sisters of the angelic kingdom that holds the answers to a life of love, peace and prosperity!  Become the voice of change regardless of the ridicule of the ignorant sheep who blindly follow a path of misguided alliances.  You are powerful and mighty; loved and revered by all!—These are The Spoken Words of Spirit
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