Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--April 1, 2009

It is a time of renewal and rejuvenation. Take a few minutes to look around you and absorb the new buds on the shrubs, the trees and more. Admire the crocuses, silver bells and other plants that have and continue to gently push their way through the ground after a season of dormancy. Today, it is your opportunity to revitalize yourself! Let your minds dance free! Come out of hibernation! You are free! There is no fee to be free, other than to show gratitude to anyone who helps you in any manner. Show gratitude to the angels and Spirits that are guiding you. This will further open your path to releasing your struggles and receiving the abundance you so richly deserve.
Remember which "G" is better. Spirit will always embrace gratitude, yet we frown upon guilt. To pain yourself with all the different ways you can feel guilty is counterproductive to the lessons we continue to share with you. To have embedded guilt will only make you labor further in your quest for success. It will attack your body, reek havoc on your thoughts and make you live life as though you are trying to walk through quicksand. This is the season for all of you to shed those unwanted and useless patterns. Regenerate yourself, much as the snake does when it rids itself of a layer of skin that is dry and a deterrent to moving forward. Today is your day to do one thing more than yesterday. Think big and liberate yourself from the shackles that put limitations on your desires for more! The easiest way to do this is simply by doing one good deed for someone who has helped you. Share your love and commitment to self improvement by being open to others, as well as to new ideas. The universe is limitless! Reach out and reach for the stars! Unbox the person you want to be! These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.

Monday, March 30, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--March 31, 2009

It is the end of the first quarter of this calendar year. How many steps forward have you taken in your personal and spiritual growth? Are you on track to reach your goals? If not, what are you waiting for? If you want God to come down and jump in your lap, He's already there! When mental and emotional blocks start to overcome your desire to improve your condition, seek out some help. It is always available to you. The link between success and failure is simply the effort you choose to put forth. Have you built the confidence in yourself to reach the pinnacle you crave? Spirit has been laying out the necessary steps for all of you to secure what you want.
Perhaps, the word "secure" could also be considered what we need you to feel about who you are. In addition, it should be known that your connection to God and Spirit is always safe. Never let yourself feel like the struggles you go through in life are not understood. You will find that there are openings to new people, new ideas and new opportunities that will make you feel renewed. In this message, we want you to have a better sense of the vitality that is waiting. All people, regardless of age, skin tone, religious beliefs or financial stature, are seen in the eyes of God and Spirit as being equally worthy of receiving what you are comfortable with. That said, it is important to stretch your comfort zone on occasion. That is where your growth and fulfilled goals will come from. Do one new thing different today, whether it is to try a new food, a new exercise, or a host of other activities. It is not asking a lot of you to do this. Just stop and think that if you tried something different each day to expand your trek to reach your goals, at the end of the year you will have experienced 365 new things. How could you not have changed by then? These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--March 30, 2009

People have trouble convincing themselves that the connection to God and Spirit is so simple. To us, from the side of God, it is as plain as the nose on your face. The top of your nose is a bridge. In a sense, you could say it is the connection between your two eyes. If you had no mirror to look in, would you deny that your eyes were there? Why do we ask this of you? It is to make you realize that one eye cannot see the other, yet you all still know and believe that they are there. The same confidence should be given to your thoughts about God and Spirit.

Our words to you should be the bridge you need to feel more confident in yourself. All of you, collectively and individually, make up the uniqueness of the world around you. Perhaps, there will be days when you do not feel protected, or you simply feel isolated and alone. These are the times when we, Spirit, want you to remember the bridge. At times, it is not what your eyes can see on the outside, but what you allow yourself to see on the inside. This is where you have the power to change the things you see that you do not like. God and Spirit have endowed you with a choice; you can select to be happy by enacting the steps necessary to make the changes, or you can continue to wallow in the patterns that have made you feel ill at ease.
We used the word "ill" to make a point. When you choose to embrace the negative situations, especially when they are created by others, your body can easily become diseased. Our efforts are to always get each of you to process things on an emotional level so that you do not get comfortable with the toxicity of certain situations. You are never alone, nor do you need to feel like you are. There are people who you can connect with who can give you some help and guidance. The Higher Powers can give you the guidance as long as you let your inner voice be heard. What does Spirit want in return? Not much. Giving gratitude in whatever way you can to those who help you is vital. In addition, we request that you openly spread the words of optimism and enlightenment that you are learning through The Spoken Words of Spirit.

Friday, March 27, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--March 28, 2009

Life is a gift given to the soul. The Earth and universe were also created with the same intent. We say this because we want you to be grateful for both. Each new day is an opportunity to change your perceptions if they are negative, but to capitalize on them if they are of true positive quality. Likewise, the manner in which you treat the rejuvenating environment is equally vital. This message comes as a reminder to make sure you honor yourself by actually starting the things necessary to rejuvenate your own life.

With each passing day, Spirit sees opportunities passing by when you seem to get the point of their advice, but then run into full procrastination mode. Although it may not make sense to the majority of you at first glance, our attempts to pin the gift of living on a beautiful planet and the gift of living a fulfilled life go hand in hand. One cannot survive without the other. That is why we are looking for you to cherish your existence, as well as to pay respect to the environment. Many different times, you have been notified of the importance of a clean and safe kingdom. The Earth belongs to you, but it also belongs to the plant and animals too. Like you, the system needs tender loving care. Spirit gives it to all of you with the hopes that you will extend it around you. If you cannot do the things needed to set a tempo of great joy, love and to live your life with enthusiasm, imagine how harmed the ecosystem can become? These words are much clearer than it might seem at first glance. Not only do you live in your own abodes, but on a macro-environmental aspect, the planet is your home also. Let us all get rid of the clutter in our thoughts, houses and property. It will carry forth and a multitude of ways. By improving your efforts to bring forward the changes you want, Spirit also shares with you that the energy you create transcends different plains of vibratory alliances. If you are still unclear of what this message’s purpose is, refer to the previous one, but do so with a completely open mind. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
Spirit seemed to be trying to impart a seed for future messages. At the same time, they were looking to anchor it to the last few days. The word "subliminal" was given to me several times.
Feel free to share your thoughts here. I know some of you had trouble posting in the past, but hopefully that problem has been resolved.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--March 27, 2009

The level of happiness you have is in direct connection to the effort you put forward to find the love of the things you desire. It can also be just finding the love of your life. Let us bring this happiness to you. Make sure you do not fight the urge to stay in “stuck” situations when you are presented with new and better options. Of course, change just for the sake of change is not what we are speaking about. In terms of any improved choice you want to make, effort is the key. The human mind works on cause and effect. In other words, if you stay inflexible to altering your approach that got you to where you are, then nothing will transpire. However, if you put into action the right cause, then the right effect will happen. For now, simply think about that statement.

The next couple of weeks are aligned perfectly to start receiving what you want. There might not be a better time than now to put emphasis on the changes you want to have in your life. From an astrological standpoint, it makes sense. From a spiritual standpoint, it makes sense. Does it make sense to you, from a personal standpoint? If you waddle through life, it is time not to dawdle. Make the changes! Show the world you are ready to receive joyful things. More importantly, show yourself that you are ready to bring them forward. One of the easiest ways to do this is to make a simple list of the intentions you want for yourself. When something is in print, the subconscious reads it and equates it what is in place now. The mind has no reference of time, other than what you put into it. That said; make sure you write your lists as though the items you want to change are already in your life now. Keep it in the present tense. For example, “I am losing weight quickly and easily” is better then writing down that “I wish I could lose weight before the year is out.” Spirit always works in the time frame that brings you the expectations of love and rewards that you submit to the universe. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--March 26, 2009

When love runs in ways you might not expect, what choices do you make to create a stronger bond? These words are not specifically geared towards romantic love because it can be assimilated to all types of relationships. If you are blessed enough to be in a perfectly paired relationship, consider yourself graced by God and Spirit. If not, then what we share will help you.

It is a primary goal for all of us on the Highest Side to enable each of you to live a life of incredible happiness. That simply means that we want you to understand that it is not always the right thing for you to be with the person you might think is best. These relationships transcend the romantic variety and include, friends, co-workers, siblings, parents, business relationships and strangers. The reason why we included strangers in that list is because people are only strangers to you until you speak with them. It is during the initial contact that most people make snap judgments based on appearance and often do not allow the words being spoken to be digested. Spirit knows who is best for you and who is not. That is why there will be times when you are looking to develop something more significant and will have your efforts thwarted. In some cases, the timing may not be right for the most blessed connection to work. There might be some situations when you are denied what you deem imperative, but God, Spirit and the Angels are aware of something better if you can be patient.

What if you always got exactly what you thought you wanted? It certainly would evaporate the need to learn and experience life on a level that can bring many surprises. What if you thought you needed a particular business account and did everything imaginable to land them? The universe works in synchronistic ways, which could easily mean that you might have lost the opportunity for something bigger because you were blinded by only one thing. Life is that way. There will be days when you wonder why you made certain choices. There will be other times when you find the urge to change your relationships. No matter what, keep in mind that the world is a never-ending supply of opportunities. No one has to struggle. No relationship is worth staying in if you truly know that it is harmful. God gives gifts all the time. Use these chances to communicate better with everyone in your life. Let them know of their importance. Let yourself know that your future needs to be one that enriches you on every level. The Angels are in full blessing mode today. Make your intentions known so that you can bring to you all the things you want. Seize the day! It is yours to revel in! These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--March 25, 2009

In today’s message, we will continue to reiterate the trend of the words we have been giving to you. This time we wish to have all of you focus on physical conditions and limitations; at least in terms of how someone who is challenged in any way may see it. We begin by first telling you that your mind, when used in combination with the energies of Spirit, is strong enough to overcome almost all manifestations of physical discomfort. While we understand that there are some situations that are not going to fall under this general blanket statement, even they can be alleviated.

First and foremost; you must believe that you can be healed. Just as with any other thing you would like to manifest, the belief that you can have it is more important than anything else. If you are suffering from cancer, obesity, arthritis, heart problems or any of a myriad of issues, Spirit is talking to you. There is no reason to believe that you cannot overcome these imbalances. All recuperation starts with the willingness you have to not assume, but to expect to be restored to normal. Pain management begins with simple meditative exercises. Put your mind at ease so that you will be able to brace for whatever it takes to get well. You need to be tenacious! Let us be clear that we are not telling you to completely avoid regular medical care. How else will you know that you are healthy? Most people are not intuitive enough to tell, yet there are many who have this perceptive ability who may be able to help you. Listen to their guidance if you are working with a trustworthy healer.

You are more likely to receive the positive results you desire when you use the tools of mental imaging in a repeated, consistent manner. In many cases, spontaneous healing is possible. This can and should also be done in conjunction with the transfer of healing energies from a genuine facilitator. In addition, many of your aches, pains, and array of other problems can be treated with the right nutritional approaches. Seek your answers in adhering to a natural food based program. God created the earth and universe to have all the answers for all situations; however, it is each individual’s desire to whole-heartedly embrace that gift. If you work the intent of this message with those you have been given recently, a noticeable difference will come quickly. Imagine how much you can achieve if you were not hampered by restrictions of the body? These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.

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Monday, March 23, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--March 24, 2009

In picking up where we left off, the following message is meant to reinforce your efforts. Spirit believes that the key stumbling block to creating a lifetime path of happiness is the general lack of patience that many people have. When you review and truly connect with the reasons you feel frustrated, and look at how long it took you to get to where you are today, then it usually requires more than a minute or a day to re-train your brain. Be patient, but be consistent and persistent and you will see what you want for yourself forming more quickly. We could hit you with many clich├ęs, such as “Rome wasn’t built in a day” or “A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step” however, we also think that would bore you. This is said because sayings like these get a lot play when someone is speaking to you in subtle, negative speak. What they are actually saying is that you should not be worried about getting to where you want to be because it will take a long time. This is a false statement!

Spirit’s job is to prep you for expecting greatness for yourself much more quickly. While neither of the two phrases mentioned are inaccurate, they do not take into consideration the drive and desire within each individual. That is truly where the quest to reach your goals comes from; within your personage is the ability to dictate how fast you are willing to have things change. Embrace your ideas from within your mind and subconscious, and you will be rewarded in tangible ways. Not only will it affirm what you want in all the ways we have previously spoken about, but it will allow your body to heal from toxins and growths that should not reside there.

There is one more key to all of this. If you fail and find yourself slipping back into old habits or patterns, no one gets hurt but you. It is alright to fail so that you can sip the sweetness of success more readily when it comes. Spirit is not going to punish you for making a mistake. Instead, we just wait until you are ready to manifest your true desires. You are at the helm of your own ship, but we will make the waters calm when you include God and us in your journey. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--March 23, 2009

Our thoughts today run towards what may keep some of you from moving forward in your life. Although our efforts are always intended to bring forth all the positive and optimism within yourselves, this message will speak a bit about negatives. In essence, we want you to know that we are trying to negate the negative. Whether your problems are in relationships, career-oriented goals, personal achievements or even spiritual growth; these words will shed some insight. Spirit never wants anyone to think that they are not worth the work and effort of those on the High Side, or for that matter, anyone on the earth plane.

There are many instances when our desires are stonewalled by addictive behavior. Yes, we are speaking of drugs and alcohol, but also of gambling, overeating, compulsions to work extra hard or with basic exaggerations in almost any area. Some people talk too much, some have fallen into feeling insecure and instead of delving into the depths of what the true cause is, it becomes easier to play the victim. Have any of you ever done this? The “poor me” syndrome is one of the most limiting mental messages you can give yourself. It simply is nothing more than a self-created pity party. Let’s snap out of it one step at a time! Make sure you are not creating a life filled with quicksand.

The first thing you need to do is to recognize what your mind chatter is all about. The human race was geared to work perfectly with the harmonious energy of the universe. This means that all the thousands of thoughts that race through your head will dictate your level of happiness and success. Take time to “listen” to what you are telling yourself. Many of you will be surprised by how belittling or demeaning your thoughts and ideas can be. We ask that you start to see if you are telling yourself that you cannot have something you want because of something you are unhappy with today.

Start creating positive affirmations in the present tense to override the negative ones. Your mind will ultimately believe it to be true as it can not differentiate time lines. It responds to the data you enter. In other words, if you struggle financially, you must ask what the limiting thoughts causing it are. Could it be that you heard many untruths growing up? “Money is the root of all evil” is not accurate. “Rich people only get that way because they take advantage of others” is another untruth. The original quote was closer to, “The love of money is the root of all evil.” It is not your God. Most rich people are quietly more generous and giving then you were led to believe. We have used the financial symbol simply because it is the easiest since it is common to many. Start working on your mind retraining today! Ask for help if you are unsure of what your limiting beliefs are. Help is always available, but you need to listen and put it into practice. If your way hasn’t worked for you, what have you got to lose? These are The Spoken Words of Spirit. Share them and share your thoughts.

Friday, March 20, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--March 21, 2009

Why is it that so many people place limitations on what they can achieve? What is to prevent you from aiming higher? Is it fear? What about old, limiting messages you received growing up, either by words or actions? Do you hear too much negative rhetoric in the media? Could it be the subliminal messages coming from your political leaders that make many people feel as though if they become successful they will only be “punished” for it? There are a multitude of reasons that you may subconsciously sabotage your goals.

Now is the time to change the fundamentals in your thinking! Take one step towards reworking the philosophies that have you repeating the same patterns. Step back from people who cause others to have limiting thoughts. Rearrange your concepts to be thinking that you are allowed to have greatness fall upon you. There is no reason to feel guilty because good things happen to you. You are not doing something wrong by being rewarded for the right way to think; for your acceptance of living in the way that God and Spirit intended. Does it make sense that an all-loving God would want you to suffer and survive with less, when you could just as easily amend your motions in life to become a good receiver?

Each and every single person is destined for greatness! The only difference between those who have and those who do not, is that the first group believes they have the right to these riches. Now, we want to make sure you are not mistaking this message as one that approves of ill gotten gains. That is never the right way to go, and anyone who does receive in that manner will have to be answering to a higher authority when they pass over, but most end up with poverty and worse before. The people we are speaking of are regular folks, like you and your family and friends. Start a new process of recognizing any negativity that pops in your mind when an opportunity presents itself to you. We have said many times in the past that money is not the root of all evil. No thoughts of wanting to possess good things, be it financial, physical, romantic, spiritual and so forth, is ever wrong when it is done with responsibility. It is the love of money that is the root cause of bad behavior. Free your mind to be successful! Cancel out any “negative speak.” These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--March 20, 2009

Insecurity is a normal part of physical life existence. We worry so much about doing everything perfectly that we forget that much of our growth comes from making and learning from mistakes. The fears of imperfection can cause many people to think that they are not good enough to mesh up to those they view as having everything done in a flawless manner. Nobody is that perfect on earth. In fact, there is only one energy that can be seen as perfect, and that would be the all powerful God, regardless of what you choose to refer to Him as. So, our question to you is simple: Why add needless stress to yourself when you are just as strong and important as anyone else on the planet earth?

Today, it is your day to enjoy being you. There will be no reasons for you to feel inferior, have low self-esteem or be self-conscious of what you look like or who you are. In the eyes of Spirit, you are perfect! Be secure and feel safe no matter where you go or what you try to accomplish. The greatest inventors were rarely ever right on their first attempt to create anything. Your spiritual leaders do the best they can to enlighten you, yet they are not above learning from mistakes. It is a process. Simply getting through your physical life is enough of a lesson without you causing more stress by analyzing every step you take in it. If you are living with a heart filled with good purpose and intent, then you will be rewarded in countless ways. Your decisions need to be based on love and respect for people, but equally important, if not more, is the fact that you should have the same respect for yourself.

Mistakes are a part of life. What you may deem a failure does not necessarily mean it was your fault. Other people have their own agendas. Perhaps they are not as attuned to spiritual growth as you are. Did you ever stop to think that you are the best spiritual warrior imaginable? If not, then start embracing the chance for you to make a difference. Each step you take makes you one step closer towards feeling embraced by the Light of God, but in an earthbound way. Find someone to help if you are inclined to do so. Find someone to help you if you feel overwhelmed. There are many angels on earth who will not ever turn their backs on you. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--March 19, 2009

It’s a beautiful life! You have in your midst the greatest gift ever given to anyone—yourself! Celebrate who you are by acknowledging that happiness for you is not supposed to be an abstract theory. Just by your birth alone, you have made quite a remarkable achievement. Many people never take the time to consider the physical journey. You start off as something smaller then a pinhead and manage to migrate to the point where you grow and excel, and then form yourselves to be the special and unique person you are. This is Spirit’s way of saying to you, “Cherish life!” It is the platform for you to make a difference.

There is another point to this message. We know that in order for you to fulfill your potential that you will need courage and support. Look no further! God and Spirit are with you, but so too are thousands of people you will interact with throughout the normal term of life. How many interpretations of “you are not alone” do you need? If you seek and conquer all that is rightfully yours or owed to you, then failure does not become part of your vocabulary. All that is wanted of you is for you to feel loved and safe. There are times when you need to take initiative to make the journey to happiness part of your responsibility. Are you doing that? Are you speaking up for yourself if you feel wronged? Do you speak out on behalf of others when they honestly look for your assistance? Call as loudly as you want, but you really need not do that. We hear you even when you whisper. You are loved and blessed, individually and collectively. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--March 18, 2009

Today, we want to focus on personal partnerships. Whether you are actively involved in a romance or not, Spirit speaks to you. First, for those who are fortunate enough to be in a loving situation, we bless you. We also remind you that to simply exist in it is not what was intended. God and Spirit want you to revel in the feeling of true love. At times, you might feel that the actions of love-struck teenagers go overboard, but the reality is that they are unabashedly showing their love to each other. In their minds, they do not need to be ashamed of open displays of affection. For most of the rest of society, it is not necessarily the same display that we want from you, but it is the same feeling. Do you have that joy flowing through you freely? If not, review what needs to be done to ignite the excitement again. In the privacy of your own homes, there is never a reason good enough not to express yourselves. Spirit feels that verbalization is as vital as the actual physical expression of love. Have you told your partner that you love them? Do you tell them everyday?

When many of you read that last question, Spirit playfully states that we can hear a collective clunk in your thoughts. We want you to review if this is your best path and if not, change it to make it work. While we are not telling you to move away from each other if you cannot embrace the skills needed to continue down a path of pure love, we are asking you to think about what you can do to brighten your life. The truth is, many times people will stay in “stuck mode” and do nothing to improve it. This is your chance to show respect for yourself, your partner or both of you.

The other group we want to speak to is those of you who may not be in a situation that is shared with someone else. Perhaps, this might even be for those of you who are simply going through the motions of staying together for a variety of reasons. Obviously, there are many reasons for this to happen. The loss of a loved one to the side of spirit, irreconcilable differences, fear, self-sabotage, self esteem, family alcoholism and insecurity issues are just a few of the reasons. Spirit wants you to take a look at what is causing you to be unattached to anything serious. We are asking you to see if you are truly happy. Some people work better going through life as a solo act, but God’s plan has always been to encourage you to seek and accept true love. Make a list today, first for your thoughts of the qualities and characteristics of who you want to be with. Make another list to see why you are inhibiting or following a path of non-attachment. We are looking to get each one of you to realize that you are valuable and worthy of love, despite what you may feel, or what others may tell you. Feel blessed and special today. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.

Monday, March 16, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--March 17, 2009

If peace is the cornerstone of a happy soul, why is it so difficult for people to live that way? On many levels, you should be looking to simplify your life to incorporate the values to make this normal. Your physical existence should not be overcome by anxiety and the insecurities that other people can place on you. Likewise, it is vital for you to recognize when you are doing the same thing to yourself. Be strong and recalibrate to become the person you want to be. Live life knowing that you are worth something. No one, regardless of their sometimes trying past, is unworthy of being loved to the core. This is God and Spirit’s way of telling you that you are individually just as important as you are as a collective whole.

Try not to be co-dependent towards the people and activities that can easily absorb you. Embrace the strength of God and Spirit. Let us be your guiding force to happy days. Let yourself be open to embracing the words and wisdom from the many people who are available to make your life seem warm and friendly. There is never a justifiable cause to be alone, to feel alone. It is by being open and honest with angels on earth, as well as angels in heaven that they will be the senders of peace and love to you. The world was designed to be a place of beauty and tranquility. It was created with the objective that all people would abide by the laws and practices of the Creator. In other words, the intent of the content would be an outcome of living in a vibration of peace. We ask you, are you doing your part to make the world a place where you can feel personally blessed? All we want is for you to understand that you are always looked at as someone who makes a difference. So, make sure you make a difference in your own life and trust the wisdom that is given to you. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--March 16, 2009

To receive in life, you must give. The amount and type of receiver you become perfectly correlates with the attitude and effort of what you give. In other words, the universe will reward you in ways that reflect your approach. If you are open-hearted, and the words and deeds you share with others are helpful and generous, then you can expect God and Spirit to repay you in kind. The Law of Prosperity works well. It states that when you give from the kindness and willingness of your heart, you will receive even up to tenfold what you give.

The best time to latch onto this belief is when you might be at your most down and out. Some of you are already willing to challenge that concept, but what you are not realizing is that if you abide by the principle and invest your heart and personal warmth into giving, you will start to have things happen that will not only “refund” your gift, but it will be sent in abundance. One of the most overlooked things about wealthy people is that the majority are very generous. They try to adhere to the ten percent rule which says that you should be donating to spiritually promoting causes at least ten percent of your income. Once you start blessing those who seem to have risen to a world of success, then you will be able to attain tenfold, the amount you have given. And isn’t tenfold your full value of the ten percent you have given? The key fundamental here is to make sure you do not begrudge anyone else who has done well for themself.

You might want to know why this message is being sent today. Mostly, it has a lot more to do with all facets of life; not just finances. However, there are many people in fear of losing their jobs and that has connectivity to many others. If you apply the intent of the words to all aspects of your life; romantically, financially, emotionally, spiritually and so forth, you will begin to see an easing of your burdens. All Spirit wants for you is to be blessed with the peace, love and contentment that you want. For those of you who happen to be young, all we ask is that you attain the knowledge we have been sharing and apply it as best you can. You’ll be surprised at how quickly the issues that give you cause to worry will begin to quickly disappear. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.

Friday, March 13, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--March 14, 2009

Each of you is important in this world. Without you, the lives of many people would be vastly different. Sometimes, Spirit just wants to put a reminder out in front about just how special you are. Many times, it is normal for someone to feel unappreciated or unnoticed. The hustle and bustle of a physical existence can create a lot of drama for many people, thereby leaving them feeling flustered and futile. Spirit thinks that if you want to recognize the difference you make that all you need to do is to “view” what your family’s life would be if you were out of the equation. Do the same for your friends, co-workers, clerks in all the stores you have shopped in; your doctor, the landscaper or any of the many people who received a smile or hello from. If you are in a position where you are helping people, stop to see what their lives would be like if you were not part of it.

The concept we are trying to lay out for you is basic. By virtue of just being alive, you will have impacted tens of thousands of people. That is a bold remark, but actually a clear understatement. Each person changes the environment, economics and patterns of mankind, far more then you could be aware of. If each of you were not reading this message, Spirit would not be sending it. Your children would belong to other souls. Your pets would either be owned by strangers, or in many cases, because you have the heart and concern for their care, they might not be alive. The flowers or trees you planted may not have been around to be pollinated to produce food and a multitude of others in their likeness. The college or school you attend now or in the past would have been impacted.

It is not easy for us to explain in a few short phrases what you mean to society. We cannot even clarify the power behind the words, simply because most of you can not be imaginative enough to follow the flow of changes because you have been taken out of the equation. You make a great difference! Your life is important and respected, especially by the Kingdom of Light. Today, embrace and honor yourself. Feel contented with the knowledge that you have filled an unfillable void. Step into the world today by knowing you are making it a better day for a world full of connected souls. Forever, Spirit and God will love you! These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--March 13, 2009

What things do you want to attract in life? Are you looking for good health, great wealth, spiritual growth, or even love and romance? It is time that you begin to manifest all of it; unless of course, you are happy with your problems and mediocrity, or wallowing in self-pity. If that is the case, then by all means continue doing and thinking the way you are. This message is being sent to anyone who craves more joy in their life. It is you who we speak to directly. In many past messages, Spirit has told you about the Law of Attraction and the Golden Rule. Both of these iconic spiritual tenets say similar things. That is, what you think and say will be what you will receive. In addition, your actions speak just as loudly as your words. Keep that in mind when you act envious of others who may be doing better then you currently are.

Our purpose in sharing this is to motivate and encourage you to live a blissful life. Live it with confidence and invigoration. Live it with the belief that you deserve great achievements, instead of being focused on what might go wrong. In business, it is prudent to think of all angles to be prepared for all scenarios, however, in your personal lives it is vital to adhere to the manifestations of positive thinking. Be warned, that in order for you to see it work you cannot think in the right reference one day and then go back to old habits the next. It will negate your meager effort. In other words, embrace with as much force and conviction that you will be a receiver of prosperity in all senses of the word and stick with it. God and Spirit want to fan the embers of gainful ways so that it can be your fiery force of power. The reality is that our messages can be convincing and meaningful, but it is up to each individual to put the work and mental efforts into making it happen for yourself. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--March 12, 2009

Today, it will be a better day. These simple words will dictate your attitude if you repeat them upon arising. Life is all about setting the right tone for yourself. If you enact this behavior, what you will find is that even some of your bigger concerns and fears will seem to dissipate. The reality is that you have encased yours body, mind and spirit in a more positive energy flow. When you do that, there is nothing that cannot be improved upon. Even the most negative of situations seem to dissolve or be resolved with less effort.

Spirit wants you to know that as long as you are not anticipating aches, pains and turmoil of all types, then the only thing that can flow to you are items that will allow you to feel more optimistic and relieved about your future; even if that future is kept to a one day at a time mentality. To explain this a little further, we would say to you that your subconscious creates much of your reality. So, why not train it to be cheerful instead of full of trepidation and anxiety about what is to come? The best way to infuse the shift in your thinking is to consistently repeat a speech and thought pattern of positive mantras. It is the “I can do it” mentality that is vital to your personal growth and achievements.

Once of the things that will come from living this way is that other people will seem to behave differently around you. There is an invisible wall of invincibility that surrounds anyone who truly acts in accordance with what they want. This causes some people who may have been disruptive to you to suddenly back off. The unspoken energy that all humans carry will dictate much of their contentment. Work on creating a list of positive sayings that will be empowering. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--March 11, 2009

Some say, “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.” Spirit thinks that where there is smoke, there is opportunity to clear the air. Warning signals happen on a regular basis. It is what we do with the chances given to us that really matters. Do you understand that when those subtle “inner knowings” are occurring that this is normally a signal from the other side for you to pay attention? Far too many people override this sensation, yet it is the most prevalent way for a lot of you to have a more meaningful connection with Spirit.

If you choose to accept what we are sharing, you will also find that by following that unspoken voice, your life will become happier, healthier and wealthier. Living in the zone of spiritual awareness means nothing more than to trust what you are given. However, allowing your emotions and mental thoughts to intercede will create an area of confusion. This is why it becomes important for you to keep a log of your sensing abilities and what the outcome ends up being. Much of the result will also depend on how much you choose to visualize your absolute success. Spirit always feels that you deserve to be happy. Embrace it! We are your conscious and subconscious, but you are the one who actually has to fulfill the actions in the physical world. I suppose what we are telling you is that if you see the smoke signals, you should be able to fan the embers to either roar or dampen. Do you trust Spirit? What is even more important is, do you trust your own intuitive ability and determination? Hopefully, you are answering “yes” to both of those questions. You are never alone. Love is always with you and available for you. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.

Monday, March 9, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--March 10, 2009

Let peace enter your heart. Try hard not to always try so hard to do the right thing. Granted, this may sound a bit odd since Spirit wants you to strive to be the best person you can possibly be, but there will be times when the actions of other people will interfere with an outcome that benefits you. We see all sides of life; the good and the bad. Many times, what might seem to be an unfair conclusion to an episode is often done with your highest good in our heart. There are times when you think you deserve something good and it is not granted. This should not be interpreted as a denial. Frequently, time needs to unfold so that you can understand the gifts given from the seemingly unfavorable circumstances.

You are all able to live a life of decency. It is your God-given right to be happy and to have your incarnation on earth be rewarded with all the best aspects possible. Sometimes, denial of what you think you want at the moment, eventually offers the greatest solution and outcome for the long-term. Spirit is a loving energy. In our opinion, all people have the ability to be loving beings. When born into the physical realm, you are given a chance to learn all the skills and lessons needed for life and soul survival. What we simply intend to say is that the minds of all people can translate the same experiences differently. That will cause wide ranges of attitudes and beliefs. Keep your belief system positive, spiritual and pure. This is what will help you to override the times when you feel you have been taken advantage of.

We will add that God and Spirit never take advantage of you. Our commitment and love for you never waivers. We want to reinforce the fact that as long as you maintain the behavior that exemplifies doing the right things in life, as well as by all people, you will not be forgotten. Many times, the filtering system we use clogs up for those who cause harm and then frees up for those who do right. Make sure you do not live life with petty and bitter thoughts. Leave that for anyone who does not want to have an improved outlook. Make sure you take the time to, at the very least; take the actions necessary to recover what may have been stolen or taken from you. Sometimes, Spirit wants you to show resiliency and the fortitude to stand up for yourself. For now, just absorb the words of this message. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--March 9, 2009

This is a special message from the Egyptian. In some circles he is known as Hilarion, while other times he refers to himself as St. Paul.

Greetings to all. We are embarking on a journey of difficult times on the earth. It is a simple reassurance that I give you today. You will feel reassured as long as you maintain the awareness of what it means to live life in a pure and positive way.

There are people, including some who claim to be more highly evolved in their communication with those on the Golden Side, who will not make you feel safe. In fact, they use their positions as a bully pulpit to spew fear in the air. They speak of the end of civilization in 2012. They speak of apocalyptic endings virtually on any given day. Talk of economic demise is frequent. You will hear that if you do not abide by their way of thinking that you will be gravely mistaken—your life will be filled with poverty, evil and more. You will hear that all people deserve the same breaks as those who earn them. This is as opposed to Spirit’s message as you can get.

Many of you are curious about that last comment. If you tell someone that they will be taken care of by their fellow beings, then you have also told them there is no reason to improve. Subsequently, they give up on trying to procure anything positive. From an aspect of High Spirituality, you are being duped. God and those in His wake will always encourage you to earn your way through your physical existence. However, when you accomplish that feat is when you will have the choice and spiritual balance to help others. It should never come as a mandate from someone else, but from your hearts and souls. It is part of the purity that Spirit will occasionally mention.

You have to ask yourself if you are simply one of the flock of people who have decided that everything should be handed to them, or handled for them. Your other choice is to be of blessed value by living life in the prism of perfect harmony with God. Our desire is to always make you feel like you have a reason to look forward to life; not to merely plod through with a “why bother?” mentality. My point is quite clear; if you want to truly experience happiness to the core of yourself—your soul—then you have to live with the belief that there are people available to help you. Do not blindly follow the mandate of ego-driven leaders without checking your own balance in how it all fits for you. These leaders that I speak about are of the political and spiritual persuasion. This is not a directive to be an anarchist. In fact, it is just the opposite, as Spirit sees a need to prevent anarchy by disappointed followers. You prevent it by empowering yourself through visions of a grandiose life, born out of committment to do the right things.

So, how do you know who to trust? You must first look at how it “feels” to you. Frequently, the resonation within yourself is the clearest indication of right or wrong. You must listen to those who do not have a personal agenda to fulfill. Is the information you are receiving going to directly benefit you, or does it take away from the precepts of true spiritual awareness? Do the people who talk of evening things out for everyone know what is best for each individual? Most likely, they do not. What and who you should be looking towards for your guidance are those who not only spout off about being on a holy path, but who actively do their best to lead by example. Do you align yourselves with those who enjoy giving from the heart to help others, or are you more likely to become a zombie and abide by the thoughts of those who discourage personal growth? If you are successful, are you going to want to stay on that path if you have been told most of it will be taken from you without your consent? There is no reason for you to ever feel saddened when you can make your circle of life improve.

This message could go on for a very long time, yet it is here that I wish to stop. It is also your place to start to revitalize your thinking. You can overcome financial burdens! You can overcome health issues! You can overcome being buried by the negativity that often finds its way into peoples lives! You can overcome your fears of trusting your emotions, even when those emotions and perceptions may mean that you will have to step away from what may previously have felt right. And how do you overcome all of this? Simply by choosing to make a difference. Speak out against those who are discouraging personal growth. Speak out against anyone who tells you that your spiritual journey is a waste of time. Act against those who try to limit your options. Be a guiding light for all to see.

The most important thing that I can share with you is this. Trust that God and Spirit will send you the right people to help you develop your inner being. Trust that you can make a difference by speaking freely and sharing the right way to live. Communicate with like-minded people, provided you are already on a positive path. Show gratitude and do something helpful for anyone who does their best to assist in giving you love and happiness. Spirit knows you can do this! It is with our thanks from the side of Light that we give to you, The Spoken Words of Spirit.

Friday, March 6, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--March 6, 2009

Physical world life can be very disconcerting and complicated. You will not always be able to understand why things that seem to be a certainty to happen may evolve opposite of what your perception was. Generally, it is because God and Spirit saw a better path for you ahead. Even that explanation will have many of you beyond curious as to what it means because it is hard to unwrap yourself from what you think was the right thing. You cannot see that Spirit is looking at the picture for you in terms of your lifetime, not just today, tomorrow or next week.

This topic is meant to give you a sense of peace and contentment. It is a bit of a misnomer that you get everything you think you want or deserve when you live on a path of spiritual awareness. We say this because, again, you are not looking at the ramifications of the future, nor should you. Part of living a physical existence is to trust that what the Higher Powers share with you is correct. Your only action is that you need to be at peace with yourself for having done everything as close to perfect as possible. If you handle any situation with that approach, Spirit can guarantee that your long-term outlook will be greatly enhanced. As long as you are living life with positive effort; with pride in your soul growth, then the outcome will be more refreshing than you are able to see. Think about how much you know, and then expand your horizons to no horizons. In other words, we are asking you to think beyond the limitations of what has been fed to you by your human counterparts. If you can start to do that, all the seemingly unfair outcomes that you have to experience will take on new meaning. If you are honest in your trust in Spirit, then you will have to acknowledge many unknown gifts that await you. You are blessed beyond your awareness. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--March 5, 2009

Utilize your skills to help yourself and others. There is a fine line between being needy and being needed. Fortunately, you have the ability to make the designation for who you want to be. There is much valor in being gracious enough to give your time to those who are genuinely in need of some assistance. It is part of God’s plan for all people to “pay forward.” We—Spirit—have not spent much time talking about this vital part of what will reward your soul. Every single thing you do in your physical life is noted by the highest powers. By sharing your wealth—and by wealth we mean your loving ability to assist others—you will be handsomely rewarded in this life, as well as in the afterlife.

We are bringing this message to you for a reason. In times that are tough for many people, Spirit is unleashing this “not so secret” approach to living. Life becomes easier when you donate from the heart. It makes no difference whether we are talking about time, money, or tasks. The key to all of this in making it capable to improve anyone who utilizes the ways of the Law of Attraction is that it is not mandated by someone else. It cannot be forced on you without your consent or agreement. The giving comes from you and your free will. That is when the Masters will create ample opportunities in your life for improvements on all levels of your physical existence.

Just for a moment, think about those people who are remembered in reverent ways. They are always humans who have mastered the spiritual concepts of living and giving from the core of their hearts and souls. There is no shame in following the path of Jesus, Buddha and others like them. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--March 5, 2009

We have a request of all people. Will you make sure that your rights are not violated by those who claim to be looking out for your best interests? It seems to Spirit that anyone who needs to saturate air and sound waves with vocal messages of “My way is the only way” has just their own best interests at heart. When you follow a spiritual path, you should know that there is always another way to do something properly. When we tell you that we want what is best for you, it is true. Having “free will” gives you the opportunity to do things differently then what Spirit or someone else may see as best. The difference is that from the side of God we will continue to support and help you to reach your goals, not discourage you from trying.

We are watching the evolving of a pattern of thinking that prohibits many people from having a goal to aim for. If you are told not to worry about your debts and responsibility, what that is really telling you is that there is no reason to try to improve yourselves. It goes directly against the teachings of self-improvement, as well as self-empowerment. Why try to be successful if you are told it is alright not to? It is Spirit’s intent to get each of you to dismiss one-sided thinking and any thinking that creates an attitude or aura of irresponsibility. You need to be your own advocate for boasting and beaming with confidence to conquer all that ails you.

Spirit is really looking for you to be leaders who will not be blinded by a deluge of information that causes dysfunctional approaches to surviving life, especially in times of concern. When the larger global energy goes towards the negative, it is most prudent for you to reaffirm your beliefs and knowledge of how God and Spirit will protect you. It still happens when you or any single person takes the steps to spread the word of encouragement through your inner voice. In other words, when people shout from the rooftops that the sky is falling, you shout out that you will gladly accept anything that comes from the heavens, as long as you can select the best path for yourself for the future. All hardships eventually come to an end through natural laws, not be forcing unnatural actions on others. This message holds true nationwide, as well as within your family. Never be a steward of negativity, but always be a Sheppard of love and optimism. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--March 4, 2009

Let us lift your spirit. For the majority of people, that statement simply means that we want you to feel happier. It is one of the times when language translations actually align perfectly with Spirit’s actual meaning. We do want you to be happy. It is those of you who understand the God to soul connection that can understand this on a deeper level. Our goal from the side of the energy divide that contains all those in spirit is to find ways to de-stress you. If you are dancing around changes that are not appreciated by others, try not to internalize as though you have failed. In the eyes of God and Spirit, you cannot fail.

We will honor you even if you choose to back away from doing the right thing for someone else, as long as they are going to insist that being ignorant and ungrateful is the way for them to deal with it. Your mental well-being is just as important as anything. Spirit cannot expect you to continue on the right path if your physical life takes such a toll on you that you feel distraught and depressed. This is a message to alert you to the fact that valor will sometimes be born from the realization that you need to be happy if you are to continue processing life in the highest levels of your own spiritual road. Never let yourself be manipulated repeatedly by those who are unaware of what is best for their own good. This might sound like a contradictory message from things we’ve given to you in the past, but it really is not. God and Spirit must acknowledge what is most beneficial; your path to personal growth and betterment.

What good is it if you are doing nothing but struggling and fighting to live life more happily? What good does it do if you are so aggravated that you want to give up on yourself? Your balance to achieve your highest level of spirituality will always be our desire. At times, it requires us—Spirit and yourselves—to take a step back from the ruckus that other people can cause. Be blessed! These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.

Monday, March 2, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--March 3, 2009

The growth of any person comes with many variations of lessons. We will tell you that even those who outwardly appear to be living a stress free and glorious life may not be. Our lesson today is for you not to assume or judge anyone if you do not truly and substantially know every detail of their life. It is the easiest way to cast the wrong aspersions, consequently leaving you open to the same type of scrutiny from others. We would love for no person to ever think poorly of someone else, especially if they appear to be successful. Our reasoning is quite simple. If you think of anyone with feelings of anger, envy or any type of jealousy for their happiness, what do you think you will get in return?

In tough economic times, it becomes easier to run through life with a “poor me” attitude. Likewise, it is easier to think negatively about anyone who is still doing good. The Law of Attraction states that the universe will bring to you exactly what you put into it. Therefore, bless those who have succeeded and you will place yourself on a path to do the same. This is a far more important lesson then you may be aware of because many of the thoughts we speak of come through subconsciously or in what may be the self-chatter of your thinking throughout the day. Be grateful for those who are not struggling so that you tell the world and Spirit that you would be gladly accepting to receive the same joys.

In essence, this message is about cheering for every person to be infinitely prosperous on all levels. It will make you see life in a much lighter way. Good health will become easier because you will be releasing much of the negative energy that can cause problems. A door is opened for you to be a quality receiver of everything that is good. Always bless others as we are blessing each of you. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--March 2, 2009

What do you do to have fun? This is a question that needs some thought before you answer it. Some people really do not have a need to be flamboyant, but others are always in need of some sort of thrill-seeking. It is an individual trait for everyone. It is also vital for you to change your pattern a little; otherwise your physical life may become dull. All that happens at that point is that you simply “exist” and do not readily enjoy the gift of life that you have been given. This week, Spirit asks that you try to do one thing more then usual, as long as it brings a smile to your face.

Many times, our messages to you are of ways to improve yourself. Then one is no different, yet the way we suggest you go about it is different to the normal words. We want you to be able to love life when you get up. We want you to cast aside any negativity that you may have encountered the past day or beyond. If you have trouble letting life flow freely and joyfully, you will be in for a long and arduous journey. Why not treat yourself to a nice meal, a game of golf, bowling, a picnic, a walk in the park? What keeps you from embarking on a new hobby? Do you have any artistic talent or do you think you do? Put it to work even if you aren’t sure of how good you might be at it. If you like to travel, but money is an issue, take a walk to a new neighborhood or drive to a park or preserve. There is never any punishment given to those who earnestly try something new and exciting.

So, today we ask you to be joyful. Be with people who can make you laugh and lift your moods. Be the person who does the lifting and makes others feel more invigorated. If you feel as though you want to get to know someone better, especially if there is a feeling of love or familiarity, stop analyzing and move forward. Take the necessary steps to elevate your heart and soul! We encourage you! These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.