Monday, January 13, 2014

The Spoken Words of Spirit--January 14, 2014

This is a response I received over several sessions of tuning in for a response to what will be obvious as you
read on.  While it started as a typical message, One Feather cut in at one point and divulged his thoughts seemingly misplaced.  Somehow, I know it has much more to it than what we might comprehend.

Is there a God?  What a simple question, yet one that has plagued humans from the beginning of time.  As physical beings, it is ordinary for you to feel as though what you cannot readily see with your own eyes does not exist.  The same goes for that which you cannot hear or touch.  Why should there be any belief in any kind of God if that is the case?

If you stay with that premise, then nothing in life exists to anyone.  You are unable to see people on the other side of the earth, yet most of you believe that other people are there.  You are without the personal physical capability to see the end of the closest ocean or desert nearest to you, yet you know that at some point it comes to a halt.  Most of you have never seen a sink made, yet you know it is created.  Some of you are adept at speculating, but horrid at speaking in favor of a power that defies science again and again.  Where did the first planet come from?  Who created the ability for stands of DNA to stick together to form a living, viable person, plant or material thing?  While scientists may be able to systematically break down the molecular components of a person, they have yet to answer how that person knows how to keep its cells intact to form the person that is you or anyone else.

The following came from One Feather.

I woke up, walked outside and looked at the leaves blowing on their branches, not knowing how or why they would stay there all season, mounted by a speck of a tether.  I looked at the variations in colors and assorted sizes and shapes of all of them, then carefully gazed at the abundance of wildlife that walked, swam, flew and climbed in the meadows, streams and forest in front of me.  What a wonderland!

It got me to thinking about the simplistic beauty of the world.  How did everything know how to interact and balance with each other?  How did it get here to begin with?  How did I get here? I mean I do know how my parents made me, but what brought them together and why would I be their child?  Why did I have the interests in life that I did?  Was there a reason I felt so connected to nature and had this uncanny ability to communicate not only with wild animals, but to be able to “hear the voices of the Great Spirits?”  Many questions like that would always run through my thoughts, but I always came back to the same thing—it had to be some Creation that we, as simple humans would never understand.  Science has never been able to qualify their findings to what caused energy and matter to begin with.  Some Divine Force had to be responsible.

I would plague myself for hours and even days with the “how” question.  It was when I accepted that not everything is in human control and understanding that I realized my life was calmer.  Bad things happen to good people and good things happen to bad people.  It might not seem fair, but it is part of a bigger plan than we have the vision to be able to see.  If only I could see the trail of each soul as it lives it lifetimes one after the other.  I figured then I would know why something happened in this existence that was balanced out in another.  God does maintain perfect balance even if we don’t.

Maybe in all of my pondering, what I am really telling you is that you should not be so agonized or antagonized over each small step in life.  You can change a great deal of your destiny, but fear of the unknown will be the hammer that keeps you tacked in place.  Free yourself by letting God by your tool for forgiveness, love and abundance!  These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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