Monday, January 10, 2011

The Spoken Words of Spirit--January 11, 2011

The human body is often powered by the soul within. Even during a crisis of epic proportions, your physical existence is largely moved by the journey your soul is on. Many lessons are learned in ways that may not seem fair to some, but are always going to elevate the energy-side of who you are.

Evil actions often commandeer the peaceful lives of others. Evil was not a precept of the Creation, but an attitude that is reserved for and from the minds of man and woman only. It is something that can be overcome with careful guidance, but the person who harbors the anger inside themselves must, at the very least, be receptive to listening to the loving aspects that their lives can have. Hold these difficult people up to the Light. By praying for them, you are not validating their heinous actions, but instead are adding the wisdom of the ages into their souls so that in the future they will rethink their motives.

In spirit, the loss of a physical life is celebrated, especially when the person who passes over has lived in exemplary ways. We bless those left behind so that they may feel the passion for life, and not merely the loss of their loved ones. In you, many emotions will surface when a dear one leaves the earth plane. If it is due to illness, or any other natural cause, it may be a bit easier to deal with. If someone is taken from you via a violent act, or even accidentally, your angels and guides know it is often harder to make sense of things.

Many of you will be led to using the loss of your family and friends as a platform for you to good things. While it may start in memoriam, often the outcome is such that you start to communicate a new legacy of positive impact on the rest of the world. For those of you who do this; whether through written words and stories, or through the formation of charitable foundations, you are commended and respected by even the highest of powers in the Light. Nothing you ever do is unappreciated, especially when the premise is of loving, positive reasons. Sometimes, it is better to channel your anger for what happened into a direction that can make alterations in the lives of a multitude of other humans. Be the Light! Do no let it become extinguished in yourselves. You are capable of self-empowerment at all times. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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Jeni said...

Wow wow wow! You may not have known this at the rime, but this message was for me! I went to bed last night thinking about death and how unfair it can make if seem, but then from down deep a voice spoke to me and said - that all we have to do is change our perception! I knew that, but still, sometimes Grief can make one think negative! My soul naturally fights those negative thoughts - teaches me that I know better.
Also last night a friend of my sister & her husband found me and wanted to know marys story & how they can get in touch with her husband. My first instinct in the husband department was anger, but I didn't project it.
Your message is exactly what I needed!
YOU ARE one of my angels Jim!!
Thank you,

Jim Fargiano said...

Jeni, you should know by now that there is really no such thing as a coincidence. Spirit is always looking to bring the answers to us in any way that is necessary.