Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Spoken Words of Spirit--January 31, 2011

The stresses of life can cause great demands to be felt by many people. It is only within the boundaries that most humans set for themselves that you WILL NOT find the answers. That is because they are frequently beyond those ingrained walls. You can and will be given the tools to overcome all the obstacles that are blocking your path to joy. Who you are cannot be determined by another person, nor any specific thing. It will be determined under the scope of your own personal research and impressions that you either embrace or reject.

As long as you repeatedly mull over the thoughts of all the items in your life that are plaguing you, the only possible result is to become irked, stressed and depressed. Break the cycle! Do something completely different! Take any step towards a new project or a new thought. Reach out to optimistic words or literature that are meant to enhance you. Connect with people who can shed light on your problems to allow you to see them diminishing in your mind. Learn to take control of your life by loving who you are, no matter how desperate you think your situation is. Seize power from the negative by setting it awash in the sea of universal waves. Let your angels in heaven and on earth help you. Set your pride aside so that this is possible.
Staying in control of your emotions is an art form. Some people can do it with seeming ease, while others struggle just to do it once every now and then. The difference between the two has more to do with their faith in the simplicity of life. It is generally the case that those who are raised in situations where one or both of their caretakers are negative thinkers that they become the same way. Break the pattern of resistance to accepting the good in life! You do not have to stay mired in a vat of woes. Turn the tables! Become a leader to yourself! Grace the path of releasing the bonds that have you worried and anxiety-filled. Educate yourself that some traditions are not always healthy.

Seek out the things and people who make you smile, but then join forces with them instead of finding excuses to dismiss what you feel. If they are meant to be in your life; however brief that may be, then simply be appreciative. You have the knowledge to know if you are deluding yourself, or if what you would like can be reality. This Creation was designed to give all people multiple opportunities to attune themselves to be receivers of comfort, harmony and love! Do not stay mired in “what ifs” when what will and can be is far greater when you release your fears. From your angels, these are The Spoken words of Spirit.
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Diane said...

"Do not stay mired in “what ifs” when what will and can be is far greater when you release your fears." Powerful message tonight. Letting go of my own fears really did set me free, in so many ways!

Thank you Jim, as always. xoxo

Jeni said...

Wonderful message!!
" Let your angels in heaven and on earth help you. "
Keeping it simple with positive outlook!
One Day at a time with live in our heart!

Enjoying the journey :)
Lotsa love,

Mary said...

Do not stay mired in “what ifs” when what will and can be is far greater when you release your fears.

Yes, releasing my fear is wonderful.

Thank you, My Angel Jim for showing me how to every day.

God Bless :-)**

Jim Fargiano said...

Just a quick thanks to each of you for being so special.