Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Spoken Words of Spirit--June 25, 2011

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Some of life’s most amazing happenings can be when two people have a unique, “unexplained” bond. Often, it is caused by past lives together, or strong connections between souls. It is not a feeling that should be overlooked or averted in any way, because the power of this union between you will override any and all obstructions on your way through your journey together. While this message is most relevant to personal, romantic relations, it can easily be applied to friendships and even business connections. Part of the special value of an earthly existence is the fact that sudden changes can occur that can and often should last a lifetime. It is a gift from the Creator, allowing each person to feel satiated with confidence. In the case of personal aspects, you should not fight the power that deep-level soul love can present to you.

There will be a variety of situations in each beings life that can best be said is unexpected or unexplained. From a universal standpoint, all things make sense. The Creator has weaved a fabric of perfection that you may find yourself slipping in and out of. It is all part and parcel with the lessons you need to embrace, learn and grow from. Why would you disregard or throw away the prospects that make you feel alit with passion? Why do people give up on themselves when other people are provided to you for the support you need? Stop and think about whether a relationship you have is something that makes your heart and soul sing. Check to see if the comfort level is where there is a unique trust. If so, these are the types of relationships that need to be allowed to manifest fully.

The one caveat to this is that both parties need to feel the parallels. On occasion, only one of you will have this sense while the other is unaware or unappreciative of it. It that is the case, it is most likely caused because the soul lessons you need to learn in this trek through the physical plane are very different. Do not feel awkward or that you are “reading” things improperly. The universe is always in balance because it is level for all souls; all types of lessons for each individual. What you need to do is appreciate that you are here, as well as the connections you have with fellow souls who are destined to raise your vibration. If you are worthy of the Presence and angels’ protection, why do you struggle with accepting yourself? Live without impunity, provided you are not willfully hurting other people in the process. Allow the blessings of love to permeate your heart and soul! These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
Many thanks to everyone who came out to see me at the Eyes of Learning in Hicksville, NY. It made for a special evening!

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mary said...

Some of life’s most amazing happenings can be when two people have a unique, “unexplained” bond. Often, it is caused by past lives together, or strong connections between souls.

I have personally had this experience. .... The of connection of our 2 souls.... We never met in person.
Just corresponded though email and instant messages...Played our Trivia and word games every night for 9 years.. Until he passed over to heaven, 2 years ago... I still feel our souls connection, and know he will meet me and guide me, when I pass over.

Thank you always for every thing!!!!
Jim Our Angel :-)**
God Bless

Diane said...

What a truly beautiful message!

"Some of life’s most amazing happenings can be when two people have a unique, “unexplained” bond." I have had that happen a number of times in my life and it is always amazing how the friendships or relationships develop so quickly!

Mary, I am truly sorry for your loss. I am sure he is still sending you "instant mesages" every night. Hugs to you...

Thank you Jim, as always! xoxo

Jim Fargiano said...

Both of you are very special people!