Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Spoken Words of Spirit--April 13, 2012

May the winds in your life always bring you the sweet smell of love and success. Today, our thoughts are for you to take some time to acknowledge your surroundings. No matter where you live or work, we are imploring you to find some source of nature to listen to, smell, or simply admire as you look at it. All people have five physical senses in which to work and absorb the blessings of people, plants and animals around them. It helps to be able to drop your level of stress and increase the level of peace in your soul that was given to you upon your conception.

In this Creation, you have all the tools to be happy. There are people to help you. There are environmental landscapes that cannot help but give off breathtaking beauty to infuse tranquility. There are animals to do this, but even more so, there is the kingdom of angelic beings who are always looking for you to be associated with their healing and encouraging powers. It is up to each individual to subscribe to these gifts or to ignore them. Of all of them, we would advise you to firm up your belief in the enormity of abilities that your loved one, teachers, guides and guardian angels can bring you from the calm side of the divide--heaven.

Our idea for you is simple. We want everyone to take a step back when they feel overwhelmed and anxious. Recognize all the ways and means that assistance is available. Utilize the tools to your maximum benefit. Understand that you are entitled to all of the greatness that this world has to give you. Abundance, love, good health, happiness and other positive emotions and material aspects are not supposed to be foreign to anyone. All people were created equal in the eyes of God. Accepting this concept will make it easier for you to dismiss guilt when you are successful, as well as envy when someone else is. All we ask is that you think about this and share your love and capabilities with as many others as possible so that the world becomes a joyous place to reside in. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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