Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Spoken Words of Spirit--September 10, 2012

If you want to limit negative events from attaching to you, you simply need to detach from negativity. Your thoughts are generally the greatest culprit, but the company you associate with can also be the reason you are incurring many of these problems. Look at the values of the people who you attach yourself to and see if they lean more positive or in the direction that you are trying to repel. Often, there is such a gradual attraction to them that you are unable to see it happening until it is too late. This is when you find yourself revising your decisions and thoughts.

Part of the human experience is to be able to revisit your beliefs. Work at not beating yourself up if you have grown into realizing that your life will be better served with something that is more to your liking. Many times, this leads the bulk of the masses to a more conservative approach to living, but not always since each individual is writing their own life’s journal. As long as the changes you are acclimating to are beneficial in reducing negativity in yourself and does not necessarily increase in others, then you will be on the right track.

How do you see yourself? Are you a light for others? Do they feel lifted up by your energy and by being around you, or do you drain them by your approach to life? Do you cling to them, or ask endless things of them without ever giving back? If you find yourself in a non reciprocating position, then you might have just discovered you are the negative person that others try to tactfully avoid. It makes no difference how nice you are. Negative, draining, self-serving relationships are not healthy if both parties are not on equal footing. Be someone who is a giver, just as much as you may be a taker. Ultimately, it makes you a receiver of happier things and happier days. Isn’t that what you are seeking to begin with? These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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Mary said...

How do you see yourself? Are you a light for others?

I would sincerely hope I can be.

Be someone who is a giver, just as much as you may be a taker. Ultimately, it makes you a receiver of happier things and happier days. Isn't that what you are seeking to begin with?

An interesting thought provoking message.

Thank you always, Jim Our Angel :-)**
God Bless.
Yes, today was a very happy, great grandparents day. Went over to Sandy's. It was their 28th anniversary. My grandson Jimmy cooked dinner for them and us.

Jim Fargiano said...

Glad you had a good weekend, Mary. Thanks for posting on here.