Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Spoken Words of Spirit--August 19, 2010

This message came to me from a young man in the military, presumably killed in action. However, even before he started to share his thoughts, he told me that he was representing many more people beyond his own presence. I hope each of you can feel the love that was flowing through these words as I received them.
I walk in the shoes of millions of souls before me. Like you, I am here to learn and to grow; to lean on the power of influences who can gently guide my vibration to a place of highest good. There is peace within me; something that would occasionally be vacant from my previous journey. Alas, it is a journey that never dies! It takes on new shapes, in a new dimension; one where the nectar of life can be heard from the sweetness of singing angels.

I walk in the shadow of the Light. Its brightness warms my core, heals my heart and soul. I am inflated with love and respect for humankind. Something even greater has happened to me: I have learned that it is all right and all good to honor myself with the reverence most people have for their idols or the Creator. My life on earth was worthy, as is my existence in heaven.

I walk with the knowledge that God covets me as a special being. He makes me feel like no other person is more important. The love given to me has me feeling secure and blessed, with the knowledge that my value was diminished only in my own physical eyes. Now I can teach and lead through the influence of energies that cascade from my heart and soul to you. Feel me as I touch you through remembrances of what we shared; as lovers, as sons and daughters. Feel me as I touch your heart and try to guide you towards enjoying the gift of your physical life; something that I learned is of much more value than I may have placed on it when I was in the flesh.

I walk in the depths of strength and the influence of perfection now. All of the challenges that besieged me on earth are mere memories. The emotional and physical pains are gone; but the love that I had instilled in me and did not use is now available. Where there was confusion for me, clarity is now the arm of my essence, and encouragement is now my daily companion. My wish is to share it with you--to get you to know you are not abandoned.

I walk in the boots of my fellow soldiers; praying each night and day for their protection when they are fighting for the rights of women, children and all of man to be free and treated as equals. My goal is to elevate their moods; just as though they are of the same blood as me. But to my Mom and Dad, brothers and sisters, you all should know that I will fight with all my might to remain in your hearts the rest of your earthly lives. One day, when your soul rejoins me in the gift of peaceful energies, we will again share our devotion to each other on the same level. Until then, all I ask is that you honor the value of your current life.

These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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Diane said...

This is so beautiful, so filled with love and peace. And more important, he is at peace.

I am trying to see through my tears as I type this. Thank you Jim. Words can't describe how this touched my soul.

Liz said...

How lucky we are to have this message from the other side. A chance to hear first hand what it feels like to " walk in the shadow of the light." This message flows so beautifully I am sad for it to end. Thank you for sharing...OX

Mary said...

Wow !!! So inspiring and heartfelt. It bought so many thoughts to my mind all at once.

I can feel this persons beautiful soul.

Feel me as I touch your heart and try to guide you towards enjoying the gift of your physical life; something that I learned is of much more value than I may have placed on it when I was in the flesh.

I shall always remember this post.

Thank you,
My Earth Angel, Jim, for opening my mind every day as I read your words from spirit
God Bless :-)**

Jim said...

A most beautiful and peace filled message. One can really feel the love of God and warmth of angels in this message.
Thanks, as always.

Unknown said...

This came in with such a tremendous vibration and obviously hit home for a lot of people. Let's hope Spirit can continue to find ways to help and enlighten us.