Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Spoken Words of Spirit--May 7, 2014

 A message given to me from Saint Paul.
I have had enough!  I have had enough of watching from the sidelines as the world crumbles into chaos.  I have had enough of listening to harsh criticism coming from people who define life by their selfishness, rather by values of peace and purity.  I have listened, watched, and been disappointed in the variety of factions around the globe who want to control everything by defaming the word of God and the true meaning of what it is to live under the flag of His Creation.  I’ve grown tired of watching people take advantage of each other by blatantly or surreptitiously robbing them of their material wealth and their freedom.  My head shakes in dismay as the children and elderly are routinely abused by the very legal system that should be protecting them, for they are no better than those who kidnap and rape them violently under the umbrella of intolerant religious views.  This does not even take into consideration those who do it out of a shear need to be violent.  Yes, I have had enough!

The bulk of humanity is great.  It is only a handful, percentage-wise, who are systematically destroying the peace that was intended for all of the world.  Some areas of the globe, such as the United States, had been designed and developed to be the flag bearer for sanity, generosity and as an icon of the “free to be blessed.”   Other areas that are rich in history and steeped in centuries of religious leaders trying to bring peace and stability have always felt a need to remain in a state of anger.  Today, it seems that same anger has turned into a hatred of anyone who wants to live in a true humanitarian way.  Yes, I have had enough!

We call upon the good people to act now to stop the progression of the world’s destruction.  It is time to remove the global leaders who rely on oratorical rallies to sway people into believing they are getting something good when the misdeeds behind the words are obvious if only you would take a few moments to look.  We call upon the good people to stop being ideological puppets and instead regain your individual desire to want to be successful, loved and heaped with the blessings of the universe!  It is now time to stop waiting for the other person to do something about what is scaring so many of you.  Voice your concerns and do not let the fear of retribution paralyze you before you have even begun. 

When standing shoulder to shoulder, the energy and power of positive humans will always overtake the morose and moronic actions of those who do not want to let you live freely.  “Robbing Peter to pay Paul” has never worked, nor will it ever!  The only thing that can cause an even field is your own motivation and efforts.  There are people all along your path who can help you try to get there, but you must be sincere and ask for them to show you how to improve.  It is better to always teach someone how to fish, farm, sew, cook and so forth.  Giving them all of those things might help in the short run, but it will destabilize them.  Understand that in times of a crisis, we expect you to help your neighbors near and far. 

Move yourselves toward the Light of might!  Move yourselves toward the empowering aspects of your pique performances.  Stop giving away your power!  Stop being blind sheep when you know that it is going to lead you to eventual slaughter.  It is time to take control of your destiny!  I have had enough!  Have you?  These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.

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