Friday, August 22, 2008

The Spoken Words of Spirit--August 22, 2008

In a world that is full of tumultous and suspicious activity, where evil-minded people try to cause fear and uproar, Spirit states freely that this can be overtaken by simple prayer. While this may sound naive, the truth is that sending loving and peaceful thoughts into the realm of spirit will activate the Universe to snuff out--one way or another--the negativity that nobody wants.

Your mission today is to create the same sense of peace in your own heart. As you learn to take care of yourself by honoring yourself in prayful requests, then the energy you send and receive will develop the harmony you desire. Allow for sensitivity to be part of your emotions. Release your emotions regardless of whether or not you think you need to stay strong or hold it all together. It is Spirit and those on the side of God that can handle it for you. Gain strength by sharing what you feel. Trust in the beauty of your soul and stop worrying about trying to be perceived as perfect. That job belongs to one energy--God.


Diane said...


It sounds like Spirit needs a media outlet to get the world to pray for peace and love. How wonderful that would be if that was posted on the front page of every newspaper, and was discussed on Prime time news!

By just sending thoughts of love and peace, or prayers requesting a healing, can one or a few individuals actually heal someone who is ill? We have all heard of miracles, but is Spirit saying something like a prayer circle can heal someone?

Unknown said...

From my own awareness and work with Spirit, healing is possible in numerous cases. I have personally witnessed people with doctor diagnosed "teminal" illnesses become easily healed. It happens through a belief that you can be healed, a transfer of the right healing rays of light and vitally important is the visualization of positive results.

Yes, I believe that prayer works. All that is needed is to be connected to the right people to assist you if you're unsure of things yourself.