Friday, August 29, 2008

The Spoken Words of Spirit--August 29, 2008

This is a weekend of transition for many young people. As the unofficial end of the summer season, levels of anxieties in many of today's lifeblood of society, the children, will start to rise. It is due to the expectations of new schools, new classes, teachers and more. This is the time that parents and leaders should be making the change seem exciting and uplifting. It should be brought to everyone's attention, both young and old, that the autumn season is the beginning of growth, the opportunity to forge your future the way you want to see it.

As leaves turn from green to orange, yellow, red and brown, instead of looking at it as the end of the summer, look at it as the beginning of a new beginning. When the plants drop their foliage, it is preparation for some much needed dormancy. It is a time where the trees have less stress on their branches. In Spirit's eyes, it is a chance for the trees to take root, to be better prepared to grow taller and stronger in the new year. We send this message as an analogy, for in human terms, the strength of character and personality are also being molded. Take a little time to reflect on the beauty of the season, especially the beauty of your soul and self. If for any reason you don't know what that is in you, then ask someone you trust to share their sense of it with you.

Walk today with peace in your hearts, with a smile in your soul!

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