Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Spoken Words of Spirit--August 28, 2008

Let us celebrate the fact that we have been given a physical vehicle to advance the lessons of the soul! Through times of hardship, either for yourself of your loved ones, it is important to cherish the growth of your souls in the process. Ultimately, we all end up living a pristine and Utopic existence in spirit, communing with God. During especially difficult times of duress we, in spirit, want you to know that your battle is not unnoticed. You are praised by the highest energies for your efforts and actions as long as they are done with the perfect principles of the universe in mind.
Today, share your thoughts. Release your fears and worries by expressing them in a safe environment, with like-minded people who can help you, even if that means they are just able to listen. To bottle things up that bother you is to say that you would rather suffer in silence then to rejoice in freedom.


Unknown said...

This was to be sent today to Jim because 2 young teenagers needed to hear it. One was a young man who want's to committ suicide and the other is my daughter who is trying to show him she is in his path to help him. But she did'nt know how to say it. Jim conveyed it from Spirt. Thanks again Kathy F

Diane said...

Did this young man get the message? I hope so. A member of my family committed suicide when she was only 19. It is one of the worst pains families can suffer through. The questions, the grief-they are with you forever. You are doing amazing work Jim. Don't ever stop!