Monday, November 30, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--December 1, 2009

“I am the power I believe I am.” This is a strong statement and something that should not be dismissed, nor should this power be given away to other people. It is yours to have and to use whenever you need it. It is not something that anyone who chooses to override it can have. You can control your emotions, as well as the outcome for most things when you dis-empower the weak thoughts and “controllers” of the world. Instead, empower yourself through the knowledge that your Higher Self is the main source of your happiness. Let us work together and begin a new and more vibrant feeling!

Let us make today a day of joy, a day of glistening riches. You cannot and should not start any period of time by thinking you are inferior to the world around you. Whether your problems are caused by strife in personal relationships or through just about any other kind of issue, you can conquer it. With angels as your shield, who do you think has the strength to overtake you? No one! It is our responsibility from the side of Light to help shine the path you need to be on. All we ask is that through repeated guidance-given messages is that you at least abide by some of them. Stubbornness will also cause problems, especially when it comes at the expense of you following the path that guides you.

Sometimes, it is vital to step back from a situation to see exactly what you are getting yourself so worked up over. When you emotionally remove “you” from the equation, it is frequently seen and shown to you that things are not always what they appear to be. You are a treasure trove of love and light, ignited by the breathtaking power of an Infinite Soul. When you decide you are willing to settle into a relationship that magnifies your illuminating and good aspects, then you will find the love of angels on your shoulder. Consider us--your guides and guardian angels--as your wing man. We can and will take away much of the misery you feel and replace it with an assertion of goodwill, deep love and protection. Learn to feel invigorated by the power of yourself and do so on a regular basis. Reach out to the people who can be of guidance and support. Stop worrying about who you might be bothering. Feeling guilty in asking for help only defeats the purpose.

Today, allow your loved ones on the other side show you how to live freely and happily on the earth plane. They can kiss you in their energy-driven ways, as long as you turn your cheek towards them and not away. Let the feeling of a million kisses sprinkle onto you with cherished love. All people deserve to feel this way! These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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Mary said...

With my angels on my shoulder, and millions of kisses sprinkled onto me.
I will ....
Today, allow my loved ones on the other side show me how to live freely and happily on the earth plane.
Beautiful words again, Jim ..Thank you and, God bless's you..:-)**

Diane said...

“I am the power I believe I am.” I am carrying this entire message around with me today. It speaks to my very soul. "Sometimes, it is vital to step back from a situation to see exactly what you are getting yourself so worked up over." Gee, how many times have I been told that? :-)

"Let the feeling of a million kisses sprinkle onto you with cherished love." What beautiful words, what a wonderful feeling!

Thank you Jim and Spirit!

Jim Fargiano said...

I think we could all use a little extra love, as well as to understand that we do have the power to achieve and be successful no matter what.