Monday, November 9, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--November 10, 2009

Friendship must begin in the look of your own reflection. Can you smile at yourself and see someone who wants to know, smile and love you back? Do you see someone who is supportive and not disingenuous or denigrating towards your efforts? In your view, does your reflection shine with the luster, brilliance and prominence that all of the Kingdom of Spirit and Angels see when they look at you? If not, we still have some work to do! It’s time to feel rejuvenated and jubilant in the prospects of your future. You must first become friends with yourself.

For most people, one of the easiest things for most of them, is to do things for others. It is just as important for you to do something for yourself, if for no other reason than to prepare yourself to be a great receiver, so it allows the gifts of the universe to come to you. Be friends with who you are now.

Of course, like all good friends do, if you find yourself deficient in some area, tactfully and politely take notice so that you can change it. Free yourself from the burdens that hold you back! If you have an addiction problem, you can overcome it one day and one step at a time. If your problem is depression, there are people to help you. Financial problems? That can be fixed too! Work or school issues can be minimized. Health-related problems can be overcome, even when you feel there is no hope. This is not to say that you will live to infinity, because the physical body is just a temporary vehicle for your soul.

There is one link to all of what we mentioned that can help you more easily achieve improvements. Friends! Make some if you don’t have any or enough! Start by saying hello to someone you may want to know better. There is no one off limits; at least as far as attempting a colloquial conversation. Rich or poor, black, red, yellow or white, all people are equal. Young and old have no boundaries to where a talk or simple hello can lead to. Surround yourself with people who are positive and successful. This is especially important if you are struggling in any way. Raising the vibration around you begins with your own efforts and how you see yourself. Be one of those successful people! Put aside all excuses and be off to a place of more love and enlightenment. Ask people if they love you! Tell people you love them! Don’t keep your future bright-bound path waiting. Your loved ones in spirit are your friends too. Don't forget to ask them for a release of tension and increase in opportunities. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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Diane said...

Beautiful message Jim! To be a friend to others "You must first become friends with yourself."

I don't exactly see myself walking up to people and asking them if they love me :-) But I do find it incredibly easy to do things for gives me a lot of satisfaction. It's the receiving part I tend to block, although I am getting better.

Jim Fargiano said...

Thank you Diane.