Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving. The word represents the balance of life. You give thanks for what you receive. You also are giving on this day. It is the perfect symbiotic relationship that the universe and God crave for all people to have. Some may see it as Yin Yang, while others may dismiss any correlation between the word and their own lives. In spirit, we see it as a dimension of harmonious love and Light. It is a day that can be used to retrospectively look at anything in your life that is or was good. For those of you who do not feel like that means anything in your current emotional or financial state; then we ask you to go stepping beyond the boundaries of today and recall any time in your life that made you grateful.

Today, focus on giving thanks for everything. Be thankful to your God and those in spirit who love and protect you. Be thankful to your family and friends; to your loving pets and any person who has molded your life. Be appreciative of whatever material things you have, no matter how grand or meager you may think they are. Mostly, we want you to be appreciative of yourself because you are the reason for so many others to be giving thanks. Certainly, the angelic kingdom of love and Light are lauding you and most grateful that you are fulfilling your soul’s mission--this lifetime!

Through all the gatherings and fatted meals, the basis for this day is to be sharing the loving aspect of life. Put aside all the vitriolic feelings towards others and instead feel blessed by the true virtues of a Christian-Judeo, Muslim or any other sense of a peaceful, Godly way to live life properly. If you are a person of truthfulness, then you know it is improper to speak in tones of forgiveness without actually forgiving. This physical life is too short to hold anger and animosity in or towards anyone. In the end, your body takes the beating, as does your happiness. If you are sharing so much on this day, how about sharing a little remorse or an apology if you have erred in anyway, even if someone has wronged you. What good has it done to stay wracked with anger and hostility? Does it make you feel better or vengeful, or even sad? All in all, this is a day to release and be relentless in restoring a balance of true love and harmony with others and especially with yourself.

Today, Spirit wants to take a moment to thank each of you for giving us the reconstituted approach to love and help you. Without your willingness to strive to improve, there would be no real reason for the heavens to try to broaden your beliefs to a spiritually principled way of living. Blessings are given to you, wrapped in the warmth of the bosom of the angels who are both living and on the side of Light. May your life be filled with many reasons to thank and give on all days. We leave you anointed with incredible love, peace and serenity for your soul. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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Mary said...

I have many reasons to be thankful today.
Happy Thanksgivingto you Jim. God Bless :-)**

Jim Fargiano said...

Thank you Mary. I hope you had a good day today.