Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--November 6, 2009

Living life in a blissful state should be everyone’s goal. Inner harmony is not supposed to be an abstract theory. All people were placed on planet earth to learn many things. Your souls are perfect and the canvas that is your physical life started off in a perfect manner as well. It is the life and soul lessons that make us feel otherwise. Still, even during the most trying of times, you are guided and wrapped in the loving wings of angels. There is no reason at all for anyone to ever doubt that.

This is a time of transition; one where the voices of the misguided may seem to be the loudest. This is where we ask you to speak up for your right to be treated fairly and in a way that does not create a disadvantage for your future ancestors when they arrive here. The Creator brought into this world the ability for all people to have abundance, but not to simply spread it evenly. When that is done, any impetus to set goals is discarded, subsequently causing harsh feelings and no desire to improve by anyone. Our thoughts are always to make you feel like you will be rewarded for positive efforts and attitudes.

All you can do is control your personal space. Unless your job is to interject ideas for thousands, or even millions of people, you are much more productive when you stay focused on how you can help yourself and those immediately around you. By virtue of living by example, the domino effect for tens and hundreds of people in your scope are then responsible for spiraling outwards to being global. In other words, your thoughts and deeds make a significant difference to others. This is precisely why we are always looking for you to keep love as the central point of your thoughts, as well as to behave in ways that will make you and your angels feel proud.

My love and heart from the side of the Golden Light are always shining on you. Our process of working for a world of peace for you personally, never wanes. We have a ray of Light that is never capable of being extinguished. This is why the love that seals you tightly as a gift from angels and the Ascended Masters is such that you always have a friend in us to speak with. Let your voices be heard! These are The Spoken Words of Spirit, as given to you from St. Paul.
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Mary said...

(Living life in a blissful state should be everyone’s goal.)
On this earth it's very tough goal. Something always interferes.
Can bliss ever be attained?
Still, I will always remember that even during the most trying of times,
I am guided and wrapped in the loving wings of my angels..
God bless you Jim :-)**

Diane said...

Jim, this is just beautiful. I feel like it was a personal message to me. I speak up and fight for my rights and those of others and it's not easy. But when I read messages like this I feel like I am on the right track and doing the right thing. Thank you.

"My love and heart from the side of the Golden Light are always shining on you." I can feel it...thanks

Jim said...

Once again....the ripple effect at work!

Jim Fargiano said...

I'm loving the threaded messages. Some of these take about fifteen minutes, others seem like they come in over fifteen hours. Yet, when they are done there is a tone and advice that hits home for a lot of us.

Once again, my thanks come up short for all of you who share your thoughts here. It's a great way to help yourself grow and be focused, but highlighting some of the words that mean something to you also help others to feel like they are "getting it" the right way.