Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--December 24, 2009

This day is the precursor to the anniversary of the birth of the Master Spirit, Jesus. Arguably, he is seen as one of the greatest spiritual icons who ever walked the earth. We are not here to prove, improve, or dissuade anyone’s ideas of who the most important one was. Instead, we are of the mind that all of you will simply revere and respect the passion of Christ and what he represented.

Living within the Laws of Spirituality will bring enlightenment and encouragement to you. Your lives will become easier; the infinite abundance that the universe has to yield to you will find its target more quickly. Health issues can be overcome through the divine belief that God and the Archangels transmit healing energies through their own avatars. War becomes non-existent when people recognize and honor that both Buddha and Jesus preached differently, but with the same message. While Jesus was about teaching love and respect, His counterpart often spoke of the power of the Light. Love and Light are one in the same when you entwine them with the respect of exactly what their iconic images were teaching. Living life by understanding there is a Higher Power guiding you is vital, however, life should not be run by virtue of giving up your physical world responsibilities. You still need to honor yourselves while you honor the Kingdom of Spirit.

With all that said, this season has been influenced by the gifts that Jesus represents to the people of all lands. He is blessed in the households of billionaires and paupers. He is known in the lands where He is not allowed to be spoken about without impunity coming to anyone who does. His teachings unite almost all religions with the basis for their spiritual interpretation. Tomorrow is the day where honor and appreciation is shown for Him. While it is great to see joy and gifts passed amongst friends and loved ones, the true meaning of Christmas should not be lost. Talk to Him. Let Him know that you appreciate the stress and pain that was endured by the life that was led in the physical sense.

During whatever celebrations you have planned; invoke thoughts of the deeds, acts of kindness and acceptance of all people, regardless of their backgrounds. Two thousand years ago, you were given a gift. It came in the form of a man of modest means who had to be hidden to preserve His life. No longer should Jesus be hidden! As a sole person, whenever you act in a way that respects life, respects love, respects animals, plants and yourself, then you are quietly carrying on the missionary work that was vital in expressing the teachings of the Highest Master Spirit. Your soul will grow! You should realize that only a select few have to feel burdened by educating the masses. As an individual, all you have to do is to live by setting a blessed and positive life, without speaking one way and hypocritically acting another. Forgiveness is one of the cornerstones of living in happiness. Complacency and turning a blind eye towards those who are misguided and bludgeoning the concepts of Jesus’ aural glow will not lead to people being happy. We ask that you never give away your freedom under the guise of equality for all. It takes away your will to be motivated for more.

Enjoy the next few days with the knowledge that the power of blessed energy is cascading upon you. Each person is seen with the same love as the one called God’s son. Yes, you do have the right to feel that important! These loving thoughts come from The Spoken Words of Spirit. May you all receive the gifts that you desire.
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Diane said...

"Forgiveness is one of the cornerstones of living in happiness." I read an amazing book, The Shack, and the lesson in it was all about forgiveness. It's not an easy thing to do, but once you do forgive, you release and you are free.

"May you all receive the gifts that you desire." I wish the same for you Jim.

Thank you so much.

Thank you for such a beautiful message of love.

JoAnn said...

What an absolutely beautiful message! Thank you Jim, I wish you and your family a wonderful and blessed Christmas!

Mary said...

What a beautiful message, Jim.
As a very young child in Sunday school we used to sing (Jesus loves me this I know)
Even today when I have problems; this little song helps me though, because I know he listens loves and helps me.
Thank you always Jim.
Have a wonderful Christmas for you and your Family. God Bless :-)**