Friday, December 4, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--December 5, 2009

In spirit, we work on peaceful moments for you. This is the way you should be looking at your life too. Take one moment at a time and make it a soft, tranquil episode. Before you know it, you will be stringing many moments together and creating a day of relaxing emotions and events. From that point, the world is unlimited in potential for you. Seek this from within, while disallowing outside forces to take the love away. You are deeply blessed and protected!

Life is best lived within the confines of peaceful expectations. To look or expect anything else is counterproductive to being a willing and grateful recipient to the infinite abundance of love and all else that the universe can deliver. Accept only the things that make you smile. Reject all that is offensive, maddening and saddening. Freedom of emotions comes when you embrace what we are sharing with you.

This is the right time for anyone who is feeling depressed to relinquish it to the Higher Powers. Your loved ones are waiting with open hearts for you to feel better. Most of them are spreading their love in any imaginable way they can so you can feel it. This is vital for your future happiness. Let the dreams and memories flow to you with an openness of cherished thoughts. It will help you to become more secure in your future, in all matters of life.

If there is one thing we want you to remember it is that giving up on you is never an option for all those in the Kingdom of Light. This is regardless of whether or not you feel like giving up out of sadness, frustration or any other reason you can conjure up. Not a single one of you is ever abandoned, but you may feel that way if you refuse to release unhealthy thoughts. You are a valuable commodity to the angels and we will continue to work with you if you let us. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
I will be doing a book-signing at Breathe Inspiring Gifts in Port Jefferson Village, NY today, Dec. 5th from 2-4:00pm. The store is located at 116 East Main Street. Stop on by and say hello if you can Check out all the festivities. It’s Charles Dickens weekend in town and should be fun for everyone.

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If you want to view other short quotes from Spirit, you can send a “friend request” to me on FaceBook. There is a fan page for the book too. I’ll be leaving different quotes on each page.

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Diane said...

"Take one moment at a time and make it a soft, tranquil episode."
This just really helped me. I will try to string them all together.
This is such a beautiful, peaceful message, like a tranquilizer...thank you Jim.

Jim Fargiano said...

I loved that line too!