Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--December 3, 2009

There are times when you might feel like life is being unfair to you. Often, it comes in “forced” ways. Eventually, when you abide by the spiritual principles we frequently speak of, the end result is that new doors open. Once the anxiety settles and some time passes, you will see that these unexpected opportunities have improved your life and reduced your stress. Given a chance, many of the things you need to resolve, will actually have been taken care of more naturally; many times without you even realizing that it occurred.

There are very few times in life when situations other than death cannot be used as a tool or springboard towards something better. It is all about the resolve you have, as well as the emotional balance you put in motion. Level-headed thinking will take away many of the fears and give you a chance to determine a proper course of action. While this message may seem to be about something bad that has befallen you, the truth is that the words and advice should be heeded for almost all changes. A loving life happens when you unravel your confusion and hesitation about why something may or may not happen. Feeling invigorated by the chance to meet new people and trying new things should be what is felt by you.

As always, Spirit is attempting to infuse you with the chance to make something good out of something that may not represent itself that way to you. Life is full of perceived imbalances and apparent unfair tactics. You have two things to remember with this. First, it is your attitude that is more important than your aptitude or intelligence. The way you respond to any challenge is what sets the tone for your happiness or sadness. Secondly, we want to reassert the fact that we are deeply attached to your journey. This is especially true when you feel the most stressed and under duress. Turn to the powers of the heavens and allow the Kingdom of Angels to work their magic and make you feel healed. The love of God, Jesus and the Brotherhood of Light will never turn away from you when you are abiding by the Golden Rule. You are always loved and protected; not denied, attacked or dismissed. These loving thoughts and desires come from The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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Diane said...

"There are times when you might feel like life is being unfair to you. Often, it comes in “forced” ways." Yes it does!!

It is so funny how every word written here applies to my life right now, and I am sure there are many others who feel the same. I will trust and "allow the Kingdom of Angels to work their magic and make you feel healed."

Thank you Jim, this is a very powerful and thought provoking message.