Monday, December 28, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--December 28, 2009

I decided that I would use today’s blog for something different. Often, people look to me for answers about their family, friends or pets who have passed over. It also happens when one of their loved ones are about to cross the divide. They want to know how they are doing or why it is necessary for us to die. Although that may sound simplistic, the reasons are many. Most notably, our soul is only borrowing a physical body to carry it in this lifetime. It is a temporary vehicle.

While there is no easy way to explain death, it happens to everything that has a physical life. Each of us has a purpose; some may seem more significant than others. In God’s eyes, all life has importance. My dog, Goldie, was sent to me almost twelve years ago. I’ve always felt she was a gift from Spirit to help me through the personal changes I’ve had to endure for the last decade-plus. From the moment she rolled out from under the pile of newspapers that obscured her from my first look through the pet store cages, until today, she has been nothing but a symbol of love and joy for me. Yes, there were the occasional times when she would shred everything from the garbage pail that would make me angry, but that was her biggest crime. Goldie oozed love to everyone. She was the ultimate non-watchdog. It was rare that I would even hear her bark, which was a perfect fit for me since my office is attached to my house and barking would not sit well with me while I was reading someone.

Her veterinarian described her as her “miracle patient” after she came through several diseases and ailments that should have killed her. With Spirit helping me, she was always rebounding. Goldie has always been nothing but love and one of the steadiest things in my otherwise unsteady and “different” life. For many reasons, she has been a rock of support and comfort for me.

Just before Christmas, I was awakened by her persistent “butt-thumping” into my bed. As it was 2:30a.m., I assumed she had to go out. Most nights, she would sleep though without incident, so this was a little unusual. I struggled to get my eyes to open and dozed off again. Goldie persisted in banging into the bed again. When I sat up, my heart was pounding and my entire body was trembling. In my mere mortal mind she was only looking to get me up so she could go to the bathroom. It took me a few minutes to realize what was happening to me and get myself to stand up. After I took about three steps, Goldie walked back into the hallway and fell asleep. I took myself over to where my blood glucose meter was and tested myself. My reading was the lowest I’ve ever had and I probably should have been unconscious. Yes, I think she protected me and maybe even saved my life.

Yesterday, Goldie collapsed. I rushed her to the emergency vet where she was diagnosed with a mass on her spleen. Today, I had to set her soul free. It has been surreal for me. She saved me many times during my emotional ups and downs, and with Spirit’s help, we gave her more time on earth. It is no surprise to me that her last substantial act was to return the favor. It was typical of her to be so selfless. When I went to the vet’s office to say goodbye to her, she couldn’t even move. With all her effort, Goldie managed to get to all fours and look and my father and me. She quietly laid back down. As I was petting her and waiting for the vet to come in, she made the transition moments before the shot to euthanize her. It was the last act of kindness for a dog that seemed to have a heart as big as anyone I’ve ever known. During those few minutes, I saw a bridge made out of white light. Goldie started walking on it. There was a clear image of Jesus and Saint Francis waiting on the other end for her. It was a fitting image for one of God’s special souls. Many people will be missing her presence, as she was a friend to everyone.

I wasn’t sure why I was led to write this today. Perhaps it is just Spirit’s way of portraying animals as something much more then four-legged souls that share the earth with us. Even though I’m trying not to “listen” to Spirit because I still feel burnt out psychically, I can hear them telling me, “We are put on this planet to protect each other in a multitude of ways.” I can only assume that for my part, Goldie benefited from our relationship just as I did. As an animal lover--but one who usually can separate them from the humans--it was a bit startling to me to find myself so attached to someone who couldn’t speak English, or any other human language. We did completely understand each other despite that little inconvenience.

I suppose what I am trying to do is to figure out where exactly the balance is between humans and animals. Pets hold a separate place in the hearts of their owners, but all animals are relevant and revered by those in the Golden Light. It’s something that I’ve been shown basically from the onset of my opening to Spirit. The plant and animal kingdoms were always shown with deep concern and love. Spirit has always shown them intermixed with us in the Light. Maybe after all my rambling here, it all leads to one point: All dogs do go to Heaven. I saw mine released to that special place today.
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Liz said...

In their short time on earth our animals love us in a way that we as humans can strive our whole lifetimes to love others. Their love is unconditional, they forgive with ease and they are accepting of us as we are. In many ways they love us the way God loves us. I am sad to hear about your loss...know that many of us send our love and comfort to you.

Mary said...

Oh! Jim, as I read this blog I can feel the pain in your heart and soul for Goldie.. To see her cross the bridge is amazing. Thank you so much by letting us see what your eyes can see, Jim.
She will send you many messages, and visits. Feel better
{{ Big Hug }} :-)**
Love and God bless.

maureen said...

Heart connections never die and they teach so much... Goldie will continue to make her presence known... The "word verification" today is "DOGiera"....amazing!

Lydia M said...


I had to let my dog, Redford, go almost three years ago. I had made up my mind not to let him suffer; I knew he was ready to go, even if I wasn't ready to let him. But I did. Redford is always with me, and I miss him more than I can say. As Liz said... know that many of us send our love and comfort to you. You are always such a comfort to us.

Diane said...

Jim, I am so so sorry. I know how much you loved Goldie and how much she loved you. She saved your life and you saved hers. The love will always be there and she will always be by your side, now in spirit. My deepest sympathy to you at this time. My prayers are with you and Goldie. God Bless you both.

Jessie Haynes said...

I have tears in my eyes for sweet Goldie. I felt like I was just getting to know her. It's so comforting to know that you saw her heading off to sunny fields where she can chase butterflies with puppy limbs once again. I'm so glad that you shared this. It's funny how writing about something so personal to you is still yet another gift you give to all of us around you. You have such a gift, you are such a tremendously gifted writer and your heart is just as big as Goldies.
On a lighter note I hope the blood sugar wasn't from the cookies I left on your door step. OY!
Thanks again for your wise and healing words.
)O( Jessie

JoAnn said...

I am so sorry to hear about Goldie. My heart goes out to you Jim. Reading her story made me cry, and give my dog Benjamin extra hugs, and vow to have more patience with his too few to mention "crimes". Goldie sounds like such an amazing soul. God bless her and you too. Jim. In her final selfless act Goldie was telling you to take care of yourself. You give SO much to others, but you have to take care of yourself first. We all love and support you!
I love Liz's comment about unconditional love and that "In many ways they love us the way God loves us."

Jim Fargiano said...

I want to thank everyone who left such beautiful comments. As so often happens to me, what I am "pushed" to do, like this blog message, has bigger ramifications then my mind could see. If nothing else, there were a lot of pets getting extra hugs and treats the last few days.