Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--December 4, 2009

Let the simple times of life happen with a joyous feeling. Let us share with you that it is good to keep things basic. For some of you, keeping things that calm is not normal. As long as you are comfortable with it, you should continue to do what brings you happiness. If not, then we ask that you stand back a bit and take a “third party” look at things. Many times, doing that will help you to see whether or not there is a better way to live your life. Spirit is always striving to make you feel satisfied with the world around you, but it must start from your creation of tranquility within yourself.

During a season of hustle and bustle, sitting quietly for a few minutes to communicate with your Higher Self will release much of the tension. All people have the ability to do this. It only requires a sense of true belief in yourself, but also that there is a Higher Source that guides you. Instead of being resistant when you struggle, why not simplify things by talking to your loved ones who have returned to the Light? Communication is not abstract. The door from the physical side of the divide to the spirit side is always wide open.

Perhaps what we are saying is that we want you to invoke a call to feeling centered and peaceful. It can be established through meditation, prayer and even just routine conversation. It can also be given to you when you extend yourself to other people in need. In that case, it makes no difference if it is someone in need of financial, emotional or spiritual support. Love transcends all of them. You are walking through life with a cascade of angelic blessings. It is only when you turn your back on it that you struggle. If we are the tool for success, why not use us? Would a carpenter work without a hammer? In most cases, the answer is “no.” The response you should always have when we tell you to use our guidance and power should be seen in your actions, not in your mind. In other words, just thinking about connecting with us is not as effective as actually doing so. Today, let a new measure of peace center you. The love of life should be felt, while the disdain for those who are ignorant of it should be dismissed. Many blessings wrap you tightly. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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Mary said...

It is good to keep things basic. I have finally realized this. It does create tranquility with in me, also talking to my loved ones who have returned to the Light. I find that door always open for me.. I am walking through life with my cascade of angels. I feel Love transcending from all of them.
Thank you Jim, for the many beautiful words from spirit
May many blessings wrap you tightly. :-)**

Diane said...

"The love of life should be felt, while the disdain for those who are ignorant of it should be dismissed." So true.

Thank you Jim.

Anonymous said...


I have a question that I have been pondering for some time and your post today invoked me to ask it.

I feel that I am beginning to understand relationship with Spirit more and more. It has made my life so much better in so many ways and look forward to continuing on this path.

In today's post, the statement "In other words, just thinking about connecting with us is not as effective as actually doing so" really hit me. Do we have to talk to Spirit out loud in order for them to hear us? I feel like I've been communicating with Spirit in my head more than out loud, but something strange happened to me last night. While by myself, I said outloud, I need to talk to my Uncle, its been so long. No sooner did I walk in the house, the phone was ringing and he was on the line. I cried tears of joy.

Do you have any more insight on this?

Thank you for all of your work, Jim. You have done wonders for me and so many others.

Jim Fargiano said...

Once again, I have to thank both Mary and Diane for your comments. They're all important.

As far as the question from Anonymous, I will tell you what Spirit is always telling me. While they can get our thoughts, it works even better when they hear our voice. In that way, the request goes out on two distinct levels of vibrations. That makes it much more likely that we will be rewarded with what is necessary.

Of course, while I'm writing this I heard them say, "It also proves to yourself that what you desire is clearly wanted."

I'm thinking that by vocalizing our wishes, some of them may seem to be less important when we hear them ourself, while others will be given added emphasis. That is when Spirit will respond more quickly if it is in our best interest.

Hope that helps.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Jim, it makes sense. Thank you for clarifying for me!