Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Spoken Words of Spirit--May 12, 2010

People will amaze other people at inopportune times. Generally, when you have someone who bellows and blusters, creates havoc and harm, it is because they are completely insecure and unhappy in their own life. Rather then look at what they need to do to improve what is wrong, often they find it easier to verbally or physically assault someone else. These are the people who could most benefit from the power of prayer and spirituality. They deserve to be blessed and protected, simply because they are living a life filled with weakness.

This attitude that we share with you may come as a surprise. Most would think that Spirit would want to exact some vengeance for you. However, we already know that if you are truly on the right path that you know that the amount of protection for you is insurmountable from those of poor minds, evil thoughts and weak souls. Often, you are only being tested to make sure your thoughts stay pure and loving. By doing so, the rewards of life will be embellished for you. Blessings will bloom, and peace will stay in your heart.

Although we would only like you to feel nothing but love, peace and success; positive health and joy in all you do, the reality of the physical world is that those less aware will have their ignorance shine. Staying true to the path of encouraging angels is part of your lessons; particularly when you are tested. These tests will come in many forms, in many ways, from many different people. As they are happening, the power they have is drastically diminished when you are listening and speaking to your guides and teachers in spirit. This is a message that stresses your need to be patient.

You will always have a chorus of angels singing your praises when you show them the respect you have for yourself and the gratitude you have for them. Without honoring who you are--a leader and empowered advocate for Spirit--then you fall into the pool of average physical souls. We want you to feel special and unafraid to live in a way that has you receiving the charms of life. We want you to absorb the loving blessings from your loved ones on both sides of the divide. More so, we want you to know that regardless of the actions that are going on around you, and as long as you are taking the right steps on your journey through this incarnation, only blessings steeped in love will come to you. May the light of God’s energy protect and serve you. It is with sincere love for you that we leave you with The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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Diane said...

After hearing you speak tonight about what happened with your neighbors, I KNOW they were speaking directly to you! Amazing how timely Spirit is with their messages! As if they know things! :-) Could it be??

"Often, you are only being tested to make sure your thoughts stay pure and loving." I have been tested quite often, and while I have to say my thoughts do NOT stay pure and loving, I do TRY to remain patient and quiet, and plot my revenge in my mind...but I will try harder!!!

Thanks for a great message again Jim, and another great show! It was a really nice turnout. I learn so much more each time and the audience hangs on your every word!

Mary said...

You will always have a chorus of angels singing your praises when you show them the respect you have for yourself and the gratitude you have for them.

How wonderful!!

Thank you Jim, My daily Angel:-)** God bless

Jim Fargiano said...

Diane, I thought so too until I got a few e-mails from people asking me if I knew what they had just gone through. lol

As far as the talk/show/seminar...for a guy who dislikes public speaking it amazes me that so many people keep coming to hear me talk. It's almost like I know what I'm doing.

Mary,thank you for being so good for my ego.